4 most common types of legal injuries

The meaning of injury in law is not confined to its literal meaning and covers a lot of things. It includes physical injury, damage to property, loss of reputation or social image, breach of rights, etc. All these things constitute legal injury and the victim can claim compensation for them in the court of law.

Here are the 4 major types of injury in law:

  1. Tortious injury: The two most common types of tortious injuries are assault and battery. Assault is the apprehension of intentional harm to a person by another person. Generally, it involves abuses and mishandling. This affects the victim’s mental as well as social health. The battery is the actual and intentional use of force on a person by another person. Assault is generally followed by the battery. The battery can also cause serious injury to the person. Both assault and battery come under the purview of legal injury and the victim is liable to be compensated for mental, social and physical injury caused due to the wrong act.
  2. Defamation: Defamation means damaging a person’s reputation and social image by saying something malicious for him or his and his character. This is a social injury and causes the loss of reputation to a person. Defamation is of two types namely libel and slander. Libel is a false and malicious statement about someone in the written form whereas slander is the malicious and false statement in oral form. Both constitute legal injury to the person for whom it is made. The victim can claim compensation before the court of law in case of defamation.
  3. Accidents: The most common type of injury in law is the injury caused due to an accident. An accident can cause lots of damage and most of them are recoverable by filing a suit for compensation in the court. Those damages include medical expenses, loss of quality life, loss of income, damage to property, etc. A person can recover all these expenses and damage.

If you have also been a victim of a car accident then you must contact Johnston Law Firm, P.C. to file a claim for compensation successfully. A claim for compensation requires many legal procedures. The merit of the claim depends on a lot of factors like contributory negligence, amount of damage, etc. It is always necessary to contact a law firm to be able to get compensation successfully.

  1. Slip and fall cases: Slip and fall cases in law refer to those cases in which a person is injured in another person’s property. This is about a person’s liability towards another with respect to his property. A person is bound to ensure that he takes sufficient care of his land as to not to allow any accumulation that may injure other persons.

These are the most common types of legal injuries and the victim is liable to be compensated for the same. Hiring an injury lawyer increases the merit of compensation suit by many times and is always advisable.

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