Employment Discrimination Laws in Florida: Here is what you need to know

Over the years, legislators on both federal and state levels have worked hard to formulate laws aimed at protecting workers from employment discrimination. Each state has its own unique set of antidiscrimination laws, but they all revolve around discrimination on basis of disability, age, sex, pregnancy, religion, national origin, color, and race.

Florida has some of the strictest laws in the United States and employers who fail to abide by these rules at any stage of their employment and hiring processes – from advertisement of vacancies to employment through to promotion and demotion – can be penalized and the victim compensated if the right procedures are followed. Discrimination claims can be complex so it advisable to hire a lawyer for discrimination when pursuing one to avoid mistakes that could lower your chances of receiving compensation. Here are some of the most common forms of employment discrimination and laws against them in Florida:

Sex discrimination

Gender discrimination at the workplace is still pretty common and can happen in the most subtle ways. You could be fired, demoted, denied promotion, or refused an opportunity to apply for a job because of your sex. Even simple derogatory comments made in job advertisements or at work about your gender by the employer, a coworker, or customer are against Florida law.

Race discrimination

Race discrimination can happen in the same way as sex or gender discrimination. Racist employers will execute their malice in the least suspect ways such that you may doubt if your misfortune is really the product of utter racism. It is thus wise that you consult an employment discrimination lawyer if you really think your race or color may have blocked your chances of getting employed or promoted.

Pregnancy discrimination

You can sue an employer for this kind of discrimination if they refuse to hire you because you are expectant; fire, demote, or put you on unpaid leave because you are pregnant; force you take another, potentially low-paying or more difficult role because of your pregnancy; make demeaning comments towards you about your pregnancy; or harass you in any way because you are pregnant or have given birth.

Disability discrimination

Discrimination on basis of disability at any stage of employment, from job advertisement and hiring to wage determination and promotions and demotions, is covered in the Florida Civil Rights Act and Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. You can file a claim if you are discriminated or harassed at work because you are disabled and, if the employer retaliates or threatens or punishes your witness, report them to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Religious discrimination

Employers in Florida are not allowed to treat any of their employees or job applicants differently from others because of the religion they practice. You have the right to wear religious attire to work or take time off to celebrate a state-recognized religious holiday without seeking the employer’s permission. Get a lawyer to build a case against your employer, colleague, or supervisor for you if you feel you have been discriminated because of your religion or religious beliefs.

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