Legal Reasons For a Divorce

There are many reasons why you could be filing for a divorce. However, only some reasons are accepted legally and need to be specific for a divorce process. A Mankato divorce attorney can help in various ways by reviewing and understanding your case and discussing common divorce grounds that can be used against your spouse legally.

A few of the legal reasons accepted for divorce are as follows:


Adultery is used as a divorce ground when your spouse has had an inappropriate relationship with someone else while still being married to you. You can file for a divorce within six months of finding out that your partner cheated on you. However, adultery cannot be used as an excuse if, for any reason, you continue to live with your spouse after being aware of the matter. 


Desertion is rarely used as a divorce ground. It means when your spouse leaves you without any reason and has already ended your relationship with them. They must have deserted you for almost two years. 

Unreasonable behavior 

There are two common situations when you can use unreasonable behavior. 

  1. When an unreasonable behavior has occurred, it can consist of various reasons like domestic violence or drinking problems, or lack of support in the family’s financial matters. 
  2. When none of the other grounds apply for your divorce, and you and your spouse drift apart and wish to no longer continue your marriage.

If you are using unreasonable behavior as a divorce ground, the behavior should have occurred less than six months before filing for a divorce case.

No-fault divorce 

Under this ground, you can file for a divorce if you and your spouse have mutually decided to get separated. This ground has recently come into action and is not yet followed in every state.  

In a no-fault divorce, there is no evidence required to prove that your marriage is broken down. The statement of separation can be sole or joint and must be signed by one or both partners.

Living apart (2 to 5 years)

If you and your spouse have been living apart for almost two years without any agreement, you can use this as a ground for divorce. This can also be used when you are living apart for five years. Even if your spouse does not agree to this ground, you can file for a divorce process.

In addition to this, various other grounds can be available for you, depending upon your case type. Your trusted attorney will provide you with more information about the grounds and how and when it can be used in your divorce case. 

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