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What to Do If Your App Is Getting Bad Reviews

So you’ve developed an app, whether by creating it yourself or paying a professional developer to implement your ideas, and perhaps run it past software testing services and launched it on one or more of the various app stores. Maybe it’s an app to support your business or make things easier for your customers. Perhaps it’s some handy tool or fun activity that you’ve always thought would make a good app. Whatever the case, it’s built and released, but users seem less than taken with it.

Negative reviews mean people aren’t liking your app, and it isn’t serving its purpose. On top of that, negative reviews will put other people off of even trying it out. If your app is attracting nothing but negativity, there are a few important steps you could consider taking.

Act Fast

The more your app attracts in the way of negative reviews, the harder it will be to get people to download an improved version and the more positive reviews you will need to balance out the negativity. Whether you switch straight to an updated and improved version or take it off sale until it’s been overhauled, do it as soon as possible. This is a simple matter of damage limitation.

Read Feedback

It’s not always easy to read criticism of your pet project, but it’s necessary if you want to find out how to improve. Read what people are actually saying and why they didn’t like the app. Is it buggy or failing to work on certain platforms? Is it lacking important features? People’s criticisms are a valuable guide for where your app needs improvement.

Find and Eliminate Bugs

Bugs and technical issues are probably the most common reason apps get bad reviews, especially on Android, where the sheer variety of hardware makes it likely that apps will encounter issues somewhere. If you haven’t done it before, consider seeking out professional software testing services, as thorough software testing is the key to eliminating bugs.

Publicise Your Improvements

To encourage people to give your app another chance despite the negative reviews, you need to let them know that it’s improved. At the very least, this means putting the information prominently in the description. A full-on advertising campaign, however, can be all the more effective.

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Finding a Good Web Designer

The truth is out there in the open. Those businesses that invest in taking their operations online earn significantly more than those who don’t go online. With this clear cut fact becoming a common knowledge, more and more businesses are considering the option of going online. If you too have any such considerations for your business then this article is a must read for you. Here we will talk about how to find a good web designer who can design a web site and integrate the services for you so that you too can enjoy the fruits of taking your business online.

  • Always check the portfolio:

Web designing is like an art. It gets better with practice. You can also say that it’s like a skill. The more you practice the skill, the sharper it becomes. What we want to say is that you want a web designer who has worked on a number of projects in his/her past. It doesn’t mean that a fresher can’t do a good job. But usually web designers are able to build on their past experiences and provide their clients with the best possible design.

  • Negotiate the quote:

As you approach the web designer, he/she will give a quote. This is just an assumption and is nowhere near to an actual billing amount. As the project moves forward, chances are that the actual billing amount can cross or stay well short of the initial quote given to you by the web designer. As a customer, you can and you should negotiate. But this should not imply that you can ask the web designer to cut down on all of the aspects of the billing amount. Stay reasonable and use your discretion to ask the web designer to give you a more affordable quotation. Web designers who have just started out in the open market are more readily inclined towards working for a lesser amount.The experienced designers from web design Bournemouth also uses the open source versions for simple text editor and Web authoring software so it will be safe for designing a reputed website.

  • Communicate with the web designer throughout the project:

Any web designer that you choose must be willing to communicate with you for the entire duration of the project. If you are not able to reach your web designer then chances are that you won’t get exactly what you wanted in the first place. Communicating on a regular basis will also help the web designer to understand more precisely what you are looking for and in the long run both you will be happy.

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The Cost to Host a Website Now More Affordable

You can have your own site online in two or three hours from now and today the expense to host a site is not as much as two or three Starbucks espressos. Web Hosting Mumbai that considers the progressing expense of web facilitating, the space name enrolment expense, and the expense of the site creation.

All web facilitating organizations don’t offer the same nature of bolster and administration. A portion of the best facilitating lightmedia.inorganizations can be discovered assessed on this site. These facilitating organizations make the expense to host a site moderate, while offering responsive specialized backing, solid servers and free programming to make and keep up you site.

One thing to ask is the thing that sort of site would you say you are going to have? There are different choices relying upon you’re need, and each of these choices have an alternate expense to host a site. SEO servicesThe space expense will be the same for every kind of facilitating record, despite the fact that you can overpay for the area on the off chance that you don’t utilize the right organization (GoDaddy is an extraordinary organization for areas and here is a connection for a markdown).

Your expense to host a site relies on upon which kind of administration you pick:

Shared Hosting: This is the place you are offering assets to different clients and the expense is least make and host a datahosting.insite. Try not to stress, you have your own particular control board your data is not shared. Besides you can get a secured site if necessary. Taken a toll for Shared Hosting is $3.96 to $11.96 every month. Here is the place you can get an exceptional from one of the best web facilitating organizations around. Best decision beginning and what a great many people utilization.

Affiliate Hosting: The expense to host a site on Reseller records is more than Shared Hosting yet at the same time efficient and can be the best deal in the event that you have various Domains to have. Expense is $24.95 to $99.95 relying upon number of areas and transfer speed use. An extraordinary decision to use to manufacture and host different sites.

Overseen VPS Hosting: This is the place you get huge numbers of the advantages of a devoted server for significantly less than the expense to host a site on a committed server. You will have a month to month expense of $20 to $200 relying upon you needs.

Committed Servers: These give you more adaptability and control of what projects you use to work you site. Not for those simply beginning online and likely not for most people even with a ton of web facilitating knowledge, Cost’s $140 to $300 and up.

FreeWeb Hosting: This looks at first glance to be an approach to kill the expense to host a site, yet under further audit the expense may be the best to your business or individual snethub.comsite. There is a past filled with these administrations ending records or ending themselves. Also the constraining confinements made by absence of programming and TOS that disallows numerous sorts of income, in addition to the downtime and moderate burden times that have a deadly cost of lost activity.

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SMB Security: Do You Need Employee-Monitoring Software

  • Employee-based fraud is one of the most dangerous challenges to businesses today. Internal damage costs millions of dollars each year. Owners do have multiple tools to combat this threat, though. Watchdog software such as are really easy and quick to setup. Using Cloud-based services, the software watches out for malicious activity like fraud per theft. In order to prevent these crimes and cut down on inactivity, employee-monitoring offers a considerable return on investment. Your existing Service Message Block protocols may be especially vulnerable to damage, so be sure to engage in pre-emptive actions.
  • Internal fraud is an extremely costly enterprise for businesses.
  • This crime is allowed to happen when you have poor internal controls and a lax attitude.
  • Monitoring your business is both legal and essential for safety reasons. Software aspects are another tool for you.
  • About three-quarters of all companies already engage in monitoring.
  • Employee-monitoring software can put a stop to this. These controls offer peace of mind.
  • A variety of services are available from always on to more passive systems.
  • Monitoring software can log all activity by your employees, preventing fraud but also cutting down on wasteful downtime.
  • The system keeps everything available for administrative recall through its extensive history.
  • Gaining access to the stored data is fast and easy.
  • Many aspects of your business are vulnerable to fraud. Server Message Block is a protocol that allows you to transfer files between networks.
  • This can be hacked. Utilizing monitoring software offers a layer of protection.
  • Certain programs such as use the Cloud to offer protective services.
  • Its advantage is real-time based key-logging. It then automatically blocks access.
  • The software is easily configurable to track keystrokes across all forms of communication including your IM and email networks.
  • Monitoring your employees is well worth the time and financial investments, especially for a convenient and advanced system like
  • It fully replaces physical monitoring which can be costly and disruptive.
  • Cloud services are highly secure on their own.
  • Visit today for all the resources you could need.
  • Be sure to look at its very affordable rates and the ongoing support the site offers.
  • The software makes good use of visual and textual information for all of your computer networks.
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Time Tracking Software – Track Activities with Every Ticking of the Clock

Our day-to-day activities seem to be so hectic, leaving with us with no time for ourselves. This is often due to our ignorance of knowledge of the time we spend in each activity. Only if we could keep track of the time we spend working, time management just cannot then get any better. We tend to spend a lot of time sitting glued to machines, with no track of time, where we are bound to get lost. Chrometa, a time tracking software developed by Chrometa LLC helps to track the time spent on work that is done on the computer. This software could be a boon to professionals.

Often professionals, say for instance, attorneys are forced to attend to several clients and handling of cases on a daily basis. Having to deal with every client and phone calls may take away most of their time, unless they are aware of the time spent every day on each client/calls. This could now be done easily using Chrometa – the time tracking software. Once installed on the pc that you are working on, each activity begins getting tracked, with every detail of logging in and out being recorded.

Wide availability on multiple devices

The time tracking device helps you track your time spent on your pc, answering emails, typing documents etc, but what about those instant e-mails that you reply to, immediately using your mobile or tablet? Any work that is labeled ‘urgent’ will definitely take our mind and time away; so who is going to help us stay within limits? What is more comforting here is that, Chrometa is available even on PlayStore, as an app that can be downloaded in not more than a few seconds.

Unique features

Of course, this can be compared to a stopwatch which is available on every device, but what makes Chrometa time tracker unique is that, while a stopwatch needs to be clicked twice in order to start and stop, Chrometa has the feature of automated function, where time tracking will begin once you open a browser or screen and stop when you close it. Also, in case you need to move away from your computer to attend a call or meeting, the time tracking device keeps track of your away time, which will help you know the duration of that call or meeting. This is one of the most useful software for professionals who usually struggle to juggle between several activities in a single day. Duration of every call is recorded, with details of the time, date and the recipient of the call.

Not only do attorneys find this useful, but this software can also be installed in every company, in order to track the activities of their employees. The employer can calculate the hours worked by every employee with the help of this tracking device. Also, this is one smart way of analyzing the efficiency of a person in the accomplishment of any particular task. One can easily find out those activities that take most of their time away and this can be a tool of analysis to help them improve themselves in terms of their working speed. Devices like these are very helpful to several professionals and their installation procedures are extremely simple, saving your time.


Tips for Coping with Business Email

The development of modern computers and email systems was a huge step forward in many ways. On the other hand, email means that you receive increased levels of communication than you would have in the past; though you are still expected to deal with them promptly, and still need to do other things. If you want your business to run as smoothly as possible, you need to find a way of dealing with your business email, while not being tied to the screen. This article offers some tips for coping with business email.

A Timely Response

Don’t let business emails sit in your inbox; try and answer them within 48 hours at the outside. Keep your business and personal emails separate, as this makes it easier to deal with those that need a quick response. When you are very busy, it is all too easy to say to yourself that you will deal with something the following morning… but then it gets forgotten. Good business practice means that you respond to emails in a timely and professional manner.

Take Action

As soon as you open a business email, make it your practice to reply straight away. If you set aside certain times of the working day to deal with business emails, then responding quickly is easier. All too often, if we leave dealing with a communication till the next day, it can get lost in the new influx of communications.

Deal with Yesterday’s Emails

It is good practice to respond to business emails within 48 hours, so dealing with the previous day’s emails as a first priority the next day makes it easier to stay on top of things. Providing you stick to this rule, and deal with all of the previous day’s business emails in one go, it can work well.

Choose a Virtual Mail Room

Recently there has been a rise in the number of companies that offer a digital or virtual mailroom service. The rise of digital business mail and processes has meant that in many organisations, the traditional mailroom is no longer necessary. While you may only receive a small amount of traditional mail, emails seem to come thick and fast. In the past, business colleagues and clients might have picked up the telephone, but these days it is often easier simply to shoot off an email.

Choosing a virtual mailroom such as that offered by Omnidox can make dealing with emails a lot easier. This mailroom solution makes it much simpler for you to locate and respond to emails on the day they are received. When you choose this service, you can rest assured that emails are sorted and delivered to the member of staff dealing with a particular aspect of your business.

Streamlining Communication

A digital mailroom system will simplify your business processes and ensure that you deal with important messages in a timely manner. Many business owners find that when they choose a digital mailroom service, this improves business processes and saves the cost of employing a mailroom clerk.


An answer to mismanagement of savings

Always create a record of the receipt as well as expenditure. It is usually suggested to create a record of no matter what one is getting and no matter what he is actually spending. He is able to record which in journal. This could be compared using the expenditures from the previous several weeks. This assists him within analyzing present month’s costs.

Make much less and less utilization of credit greeting card. the routine of increasing utilization of credit card may also lead in order to imbalance within one’s buget. The charge card leads in order to extravagant costs. This interferes with the finances of additional months.

Attempt to purchase any kind of durables following making adequate savings for this. If you plan to buy any costly thing, a proper planning ought to be dne. Atleast 75%money smust happen to be save then your purchase ought to be made. If cash is lent than you need to see that the equated month-to-month installment ought to noteffect your own future finances.

Entire earnings shouldn’t be spended. A great planning ought to leave a few funds out of your monthly finances for cost savings. Savings ought to be given concern. One must have a normal habit associated with savings.

All of the savings ought to be invested according to your necessity. While opting for investment, the funds ought to be diversified in order to provde yiou results. It ought to provide yoyu taxes benefit as well as sprevent you from the risk.

Many of these ideas are most likely not a new comer to you, but should you actually follow an easy plan such as this with your own person financial situation, you’ll probably be much more financially secure and much more relaxed very quickly.


How Pfizer’s investment in one part of Michigan represents $2.2 billion USD for the area

Pfizer has a large manufacturing plant in Portage, Michigan. It forms an integral part of their business, and it is also having a positive impact on the entire region. A new study looking into the plant’s economic impact has discovered that it contributes an enormous $2.2 billion.

Contributing to the local economy

Alongside the 2,202 individuals working in the plant, Pfizer also supports a further 1,200 jobs in the supply chain. Director of Regional Economic Planning Services James Robey conducted the economic impact report and discovered that Pfizer pays more than $189 million every year in wages.

Pfizer’s employees also need to access services as part of their daily lives, and they support an estimated 1,600 jobs in the region. In addition to this, Pfizer also supports more than 600 government jobs, cementing the company as one of the biggest contributors to the local economy.

The interim site leader of Kalamazoo Operations for Pfizer, Robert Betzig, has said that the company feels like it has established a solid partnership and understanding with the wider community that neither party wants to lose.

Support for further investment

The Mayor of Portage, Peter Strazdas, has said that the investment being made by the pharmaceutical services provider into the community has his full support. Pfizer is investing $41 million into a new warehouse, property and machinery, with WWMT reporting that they plan to invest $800 million over the next ten years. He also supports the company’s efforts to ensure more young people are recruited into the advanced manufacturing industry.

Pfizer recently held an event where 10 college students studying engineering or science-based subjects from local colleges were shown the plant and put in contact with current members of staff. If you need help with pharmaceutical consultancy, there are a number of companies available that can connect you with experienced professionals who will positively contribute to your project immediately.

Pfizer Vice President Tony Maddaluna has said that he recognises that a lot of trust is placed into Pfizer, and he reiterated that everyone wants to ensure that the correct decisions are always made. He went on to say that the company wants to encourage students to fully explore STEM subjects and find a field of work that they are passionate about.