Post-Hire Background Checks

The value of pre-employment background checks is clear, and the data bears this out; more and more companies every year are incorporating some level of background checks into this onboarding process. But what about post-hire background checks? Conducting regular post-hire reviews is an effective way to remain compliant with all laws regarding employment and criminal behavior and makes you aware of any issues that might have arisen after hiring.  

Let’s take a brief look at the whys and hows of post-hire background checks:

Why: Safety

The number one why is safety. Past behavior doesn’t predict future behavior. This caveat is important to remember when discussing background checks. Previous criminal behavior doesn’t foreshadow future criminal behavior, which is why there are laws in place to prevent discrimination based on a criminal record. But it’s also true that a past free from the criminal activity does not perfectly predict a clean future. Employers are responsible for their workplace safety, and regular background checks of current employees are one way to minimize risk. 

How: Getting Started

Update your policy.

Update your employment background screening policy to include post-hire checks and have your new policy reviewed by your legal counsel. Your policy should include the following:

  • How and when you will conduct background checks
  • Who you will be checking and why
  • A statement that your background policy applies uniformly across all employees in the stated positions.
  • A request that employees be proactive about reporting anything that might show up in a routine check.
  • Make it public.

Notify current employees and applicants about your policy. Make communication about your policy ongoing; one and done does not apply here. 

Consider Compliance

Post-hire background screening requires the same commitment to compliance that pre-employment screening does. Work with your screening vendor to define and implement fully compliant processes. When adverse actions are warranted, be sure to follow all the required protocols. And, when in doubt, document it. 


Once you’ve defined your policy and informed your team, it’s time to implement and follow it. It’s one thing to say you have a background check policy that requires post-hire checks every six months (or whatever you decide); it’s quite another to adhere to that policy and follow through. An ignored policy has no value. 

Ready to Get Started?

Protect your organization with a post-hire background policy today. Remember to respect your team by providing good communication about the policy, what’s required, and why it’s being implemented. This allows everyone to feel good about the additional safety a solid post-hire background check policy provides. 

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