Even fancy gold jewellery gets unwanted after some time. Instead of leaving it lying around or locked away in a drawer, you could exchange it for cash. Gold is pretty good at retaining its value, even when it is moulded into a bracelet or a necklace.

The colour or form of the gold jewellery is not an issue either, the gold you are trying to sell could be broken or damaged, it could be white, rose or yellow, none of which make a difference to what you get paid. The jewellery you are selling could be 9k or 18k but as long as the jewellery is not a gold plating you will get paid.

So, if you in the market for some spare cash and have jewellery in your possessions that you no longer use, you can always exchange it for cash at a cash for gold store. At these stores, you practically walk in with your gold and then walk out with cash instantly.

How Your Gold is Valued

The value of your gold items is based on two important factors. The first factor being, the market price for gold. The second factor depends on the purity of your gold whether it’s 9k or 18k. Most cash for gold shops display their buying prices online, which you can utilise to get an estimate of what you will get paid. All you need to do is separate the carats and weigh them on your kitchen scales!

Otherwise, if you can’t separate or weigh your gold items to get an estimated before heading into town, you will have to visit your local cash for gold shop. Most cash for gold shops have trained professionals who will test all your items in front of you, weigh them and offer you a price. You have no obligation to sell your items, so best you shop around.

However, it is worth doing a little research online before going into town. This is useful because you can see reviews which cash for gold services are more popular, offer better service and most likely to give you better prices for your gold based on how much of it you have.

Once you have completed your due diligence, you should head into town to get quotations from your cash for gold shops of your choice.

Some gold buyers will guarantee to price match what a competitor is willing to offer you. You will however need to get the quotation in writing along with the market price of gold. If you are shopping around your gold jewellery then make sure you do it all in the same day. The prices of gold can fluctuate day to day. This means a particular gold buyer may seem to pay better. However, it is only the price of gold rising, which makes the quotation higher.

Some cash for gold businesses pride themselves on having the best prices and experts in the field. Unfortunately there are some dodgy operators out there so if you follow the advice in this article hopefully you can avoid these places and receive top cash for your gold jewellery items!