We present a few ways in which you can recharge your prepaid phone connection.

There was a time when sceptics believed that the Internet would never ‘take off’ in India. That the country was too poor to afford mobile phones, that there just wasn’t enough know-how to offer fast speeds and seamless interfaces like developed countries did.

But India proved the world wrong. Today, it is one of the fastest growing markets for digital and mobile telephony, with a deep penetration for mobile handsets across various social strata. Not only are smartphones affordable in the market, there are myriad prepaid and postpaid plans to choose from. Mobile service providers like Airtel have completely revolutionised the digital interface for payments, both for bill payment and recharge. The online recharge process is fast and secure, and you can recharge your phone or DTH connection from anywhere, at any time.

People are also preferring to transact digitally for online recharge, since you have an e-record of your transactions. After the demonetisation programme of 2016, it is deemed best to transact digitally instead of spending cash. Moreover, online recharge saves both time and effort on your part.

Consider the ways in which you can do the online recharge for your prepaid phone connection:

1Through the mobile provider’s website. Your mobile provider will have a website that you can use to do the online recharge within mere minutes. For example, if you are an Airtel prepaid customer, you can access the Airtel India website on your laptop, tab, desktop computer or smartphone. You will see a screen that looks like this:


Now key in your 10-digit Airtel prepaid number after selecting ‘Prepaid’ in the listed options. You will be directed towards your preferred payment option from Airtel Payments Bank, Debit/Credit card or Net Banking. Choose the payment option, input the amount of money you wish to recharge on the phone connection, and hit ‘Submit’. The recharge is completed at once and your phone can be used as always.

2Using the mobile provider’s smartphone app. When you are trying to do the online recharge of your phone connection, it makes more sense to complete the process using your phone instead of another digital device. However, not all mobile providers have intuitive and secure mobile apps that facilitate quick online recharge – only Airtel does. The myAirtel is a multi-purpose payment interface that lets you do online recharge for the phone and DTH, and pay the bill on your postpaid, broadband and utility services. Input your 10-digit Airtel prepaid number and proceed to do the recharge for your phone in under one minute. The recharge is completed at once. You can even avail of discounts and other offers during the recharge process.

3 Using third party wallets and UPI: There are several third-party payment platforms that you can use to do the recharge. However, using the Airtel Wallet (obviously, if you are an Airtel customer) and the UPI app is a faster, more secure mode of recharge. Not only is your security ensured when you make the recharge payment, you can also avail of current cashback offers when you make use of these platforms – these are additional savings.


4 Through social media platforms: Facebook has recently started offering options for mobile online recharge. Click on ‘Notifications’ and then on ‘Mobile Recharge’. Here, you will see the debit/credit card that you may have already added to the site. Or you will be prompted to add your card, mobile number and mobile operator. Next, input the recharge amount or browse the available packs shown on the screen. Once you have keyed in the recharge amount, you can click on ‘Place Order’ to receive an OTP. Key in the OTP as directed to complete the recharge.

5 Via e-commerce sites. Sites like Amazon are also offering online recharge functionality to customers. Access the site and click on ‘Amazon Pay’, and select ‘Mobile recharge’. Input your 10-digit phone number, your mobile operator and city of residence (referred to as ‘circle’). Next, input the recharge amount or view the available prepaid packs offered by your operator. Pay using the card already saved with the site – the screen now shows the words ‘Recharge successful’. Log out or continue shopping.