Author and financial analyst Glenn Neely developed NeoWave theory based on Elliot’s concept using the original technique analyze waves, with the purpose to reduce the individuality and anticipated disputes of the traditional Elliot Waves theory and at the same time trying to improve the foretelling power of the same.

What is NeoWave?

Neowave is an incorporated trading service which makes you understand how to make money in detail. Understanding the market, analyze and doing the forecasts and then trade in the same can be sometimes contradictory or difficult. As per your analyzation, you might decide to go on a direction which can be completely different from where the market trends are going. Those two things might be completely different. You might be left with many questions in your head, and Neowave trading service shows you the right direction to reach your destination.

Neowave gives you a piece of detailed information on how to make money in detail and most of the clients who are pretty tenured in the system, like money managers, brokers or traders, they find this service unique and profitable.

NeoWave in detail

There are mainly two types of Neowave trading services-

Neowave Trading Service: Neowave trading services are released on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Neowave trading clients also receive the Neowave Forecasting service updates as well.

Neowave Forecasting Service: here also there are three types, Neowave Forecasting services are release in 3 different ways

Daily basis: every Friday

Weekly basis: released on the first Sunday on every new month

Monthly basis: released on the first Sunday of every new quarter

Neowave Trading Service generally follows a couple of market trends like S&P 500, T-notes, Euro Currency, Gold,etc. and by focusing on these markets,Neowave gives the exact on wave analysis and also recommends what kind of trading is possible. Neowave trading and forecasting services as mostly seen on Timer Digest’s top rankings.

Another part of the story….Elliot Wave

Alongside Neowave, there is another way to analyze the market and the financials,and that is Elliot Wave. Elliot wave is generally analyzing the financial market cycles and the forecast market based on clients’ psychology, ups, and downs in the market price and other important and collective aspects.

Differences between these two

Although Neowave and Elliotwave trading analysis and services sound similar, they differ from each other.

Important fundamentals of Neowave are:

  • The Golden ratio
  • The Fibonacci number series
  • Pattern recognition

Important fundamentals of Elliot waves are:

  • Self-determined price and time limits
  • Self -confirmation
  • Logic


Elliot wave’s forecasting based on psychological and impulsive structure foretells scenarios which are most common in the market trend. However; Neowave is a far improved version of Elliotwave where there are many rules to define a simple impulsive pattern. With this concept, clients can reduce the subjectivity and objectify the most probable scenario that is going to occur in the market. Along with price, time is also an important factor for Neowave to understand that the market has changed.

Neowave Trading services give a precise trading recommendation. With attention to effective trades and capital preservation, this financial service offers an uncommon level of fraction and particularity. No estimation is needed,and there is no need to analyze markets by yourself. This service will do the work for you –scan the updates and place your orders.

Neowave Trading Services offer two weeks trial service as well, check and get your money rolling!