When you have issues with your electric at home or in your business, this is something that you shouldn’t be looking to mend yourself. Electricity is a really powerful source and is powerful enough to take your life away. We enjoy all it has to offer us, but we sometimes forget what it is capable of, if in the wrong hands. Even the smallest mistake while trying to fix something yourself, can cause the largest problems including electrical fires and electrocution. Every year people in Scotland die trying to fix something that they thought was easy. Here are some tips to keep you, your family and your employees safe when it comes to electricity.

  1. Check – Always look for cuts and frays in electrical cords. Heath and Safety officers in businesses are always looking out for this, but sometimes things can be overlooked. Encourage your family and your employees to look for warning signs, like the wear on the cable. If you are in any doubt, then it is best to spend a little money now to replace the cable than lots of money later to replace the machine.
  2. Interrupter – Your home or business should already be equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter, that is installed in places where there might be incidences of water use. A commercial electrician in Glasgow, would know that this is necessary anywhere where there is a kitchen area or toilets, and it will automatically cut off the electrical power when an electric appliance comes into contact with water or is leaking electricity. These types of interrupters are what will keep you and your workers safe.
  3. Don’t Take Risks – The number of times I have seen plugs or wires held in place with matches or staples, is more than I can remember. A lot of Scottish business and homes take unnecessary risks with these kinds of things, and they can easily be fixed without costing too much. Make sure that all electrical cords are not running under the carpet or covered with a piece of wood, that employees continue to walk over. This is not safe, as it causes the cable to overheat and may cause a fire.
  4. Don’t Overload – A typical thing that you will find in most Scottish homes and businesses, is an overloaded extension socket. If it is built for four plugs, you can be sure that someone has added another extension plug to that, and now it is supporting six or seven appliances. Overloading the extension plugs is not the answer, and so if you need additional power sockets, then spend the money and get them installed correctly, by a registered and experienced electrician.
  5. System Checks – Occasionally check if the plugs or switches to your machines or appliances get hot when you touch them. If they do feel hot, then get yourself a licensed electrician in the Glasgow area to come out and fully check your electrical system. Fires start this way, and it is better to check it now rather than later, when your business has burned to the ground.

Electricity is a wonderful commodity and it is the thing that keeps our businesses running smoothly every day. Make sure that you are using it safely.