Cyber Protection Launches Fundraiser for Small Business Cybersecurity Alternative

Washington, D.C. – May 9, 2018 – Joseph Hanna, CEO of Cyber Protection, announced the launch of the company’s Indiegogo campaign to fund the Web development and implementation of a new system for cyber defense designed specifically for small business cybersecurity.

“We’re a cyber security firm dedicated to helping small businesses learn digital self-defense in an uncertain world,” said Hanna.

Many businesses are lax with their security in the mistaken belief that since they don’t work with confidential, sensitive or personally identifiable information (PII) they’re not at risk. The danger doesn’t always lie in what hackers take. Sometimes it’s what they prevent business owners from accessing, as in the case or ransomware.

Cyber Protection has over 20,000 security settings for more than 300 platforms that address issues from strong and effective passwords to automatic logouts when devices are left unattended. The agency provides businesses of 50 people or less with a customized system security plan (SSP) via a settings guide that can be implemented for cyber defense. Each SSP is tailored to the individual business based on best practices and standards by the federal government.

The company will evaluate a number of areas to determine the type of security settings that best match the individual business. Cyber Protection looks at elements that include the type of data to be protected and the potential legal liability should the data be stolen, changed, altered or erased, along with the impact certain cyber threats could cause.

Few business owners have the time or specialized knowledge to secure their digital network. Cyber Protection’s guide is easy for small business owners to implement, even if they have basic computer and networking skills. The company keeps track of those settings and sends immediate alerts to clients should a new cybersecurity risk arise, along with recommendations to reduce or mitigate the threat.

Cyber Protection offers an alternative for small business cybersecurity that doesn’t require extensive knowledge in networking and security systems or purchasing multiple software programs. The Indiegogo campaign launched by Cyber Protection will fund the Web development, implementation on a secure platform, independent audit, and penetration test to ensure the highest level of security possible. Cyber Protection is a single resource that caters to the needs of small businesses and the specific protections they need.

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What You Need To Know Regarding Commercial Insurance Underwriting

Commercial insurance underwriting is the process of analyzing information for insurance documents that determines the risk of whether or not the insurance company should insure property and write the policy to cover potential losses.

The underwriter’s job is to simply asses the risk of insuring the company based on standards that are set by the various insurance companies. They’ll also look at the potential client’s history including claims and risk assessment. They’ll determine whether or not the client will be worthwhile to insurance and they will determine the cost of the insurance policy.

In order to determine this, they will have a set rate that they work off of. This rate is a standard rate and the underwriter will analyze various risk factors and then adjust the rates accordingly. A good example is that a real estate agent is far less likely to burn than say a factory that produces fireworks. Thus, the real estate office is going to have a lower premium than that of the fireworks factory.

There are many important factors to consider including the size of the facility, the use of the facility, whether or not they utilize company vehicles, the liability aspects including public and private, and other risk factors. Typically, commercial lines insurance is done through a broker to help offset the cost. A broker is an agency that may represent several different insurance companies.

The broker deals with the client directly and will give the insurance company the information regarding the client. It’s like a middleman. The broker will work directly with the insurance company to ensure that the business is getting the best possible deal on their insurance for their money and needs.

Since the broker works with the same insurance companies, they get to know each company and their policies. They are able to build up a good rapport with them and can often help the client to find the ideal insurance package without any undue stress.

Here are some basic things that commercial insurance underwriters need to know when assessing the risks:

Maintenance And Repair Information

The underwriter needs to know some basics of maintenance and repair in order to properly assess the risk associated with a specific company.

High-Risk Notification

This information tells the underwriter if a survey has discovered a hazard on the property that is to be insured. The field analyst will call and let the underwriter know if there are any high-risks that should be considered.

Exposure Data Adjacent

If the property is adjacent to any type of exposure data that could cause a liability. This includes adjacent buildings, near a construction site, high-hazard operations, storage tanks that may contain potentially flammable contents, local wildlife, flood potentials, earthquake zones, and other serious potential risks that may affect the premium of the policy.

Loss Estimates

The potential risk for loss and an assessment of how risky it may or may not be. What is the potential for a single loss? What is the estimate should there be a fire? Are the proper mechanisms in place to save the facility and employees? Fire alarms, sprinklers, smoke detectors etc. All of these factors are considered.

What Is The Estimated Replacement Cost?

This amount should be at least the actual replacement value to replace the facility should a catastrophic event occur. According to industry studies, approximately 75% of all commercial buildings are underinsured.

Risk Improvement Suggestions

This includes installing fire alarms, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems and other means to identify a hazardous condition and avoid it. It may suggest modifications and other recommendations to help prevent loss.


The determination of whether or not there is a potential fire risk for the property. The main consideration is that they must assign the proper class of construction. They must identify the materials of construction and the risk factor of each individual material.

Occupancy Data

The numerical rating of the combustibility of the facility contents that measure the potential risk factors. This includes the square footage, employee count etc.

Fire Protection

How close is the facility to a fire hydrant? How close is the facility to a fire station? What is the estimated response time should the fire department need to be called in? Typically, this is assigned on a scale of 1 to 10. A 1 would indicate that the proper protection is in place while a 10 would indicate that it was seriously lacking in meeting the proper protection criteria. This would also include alarm systems, sprinkler systems, and safeguards at the business location.

Special Hazards

The underwriter should also understand both common as well as special hazards that may put a business at risk. Underwriters for commercial property the clear and concise understanding of the potential risk factors are vital to providing the proper policy and details for any business. Understanding the hazards will help the underwriter to fully assess the potential risks based on the conditions. This includes all heating systems and cooling systems, any housekeeping equipment, all personnel, flammable products, cutting, welding, cooking, and other potential hazards.

Clearly, there are many factors that must be considered regarding commercial insurance underwriting. Each individual facility must be fully assessed, and the risk factors must be calculated accordingly. The combined underwriters of Miami, will utilize computers, spreadsheets, data, current information from a title company, a legal team, and any other information that is required to come to their conclusion of whether or not to insure a company, and how to determine the exact premium for the company. Not all underwriters work for the same industries. Some focus on specific companies and industries in an effort to focus on providing the best possible service to a business.

Commercial insurance underwriting takes modern technology as well as old-school informational gathering information and pieces this together to help identify risk assessment and the best possible premium for a business’s insurance. Not all underwriters are created equal just as not all businesses are created equal. In an effort to provide the best possible services they will work closely with their team to identify the risk factors.

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The Benefits of Healthcare Recycling Company

Hazardous waste materials and toxins have a direct impact on the environment. Other toxins slowly leach into the ground and eventually reach fresh water sources, where they contaminate drinking water supplies. Certain toxic chemicals and materials pose health risks for people who either live or work near businesses manufacturing, storing, or producing toxic substances. Choosing right health care, a clean healthcare environment can be a difficult task because the efficiency & quality of maintenance services can effect on many other healthcare operations. A neat and clean hospital or clinic not only provides a superior experience, as well as is more financially savvy. Hiring expert healthcare recycling company services can help clinic or hospital management in focusing cost, productivity, efficiency, patient sanctification and quality of work.
There is a significant danger and that we all should become conscious of the potential risks that managing medical wastes improperly will bring along. There’s additionally a value of improperly managed medical waste to native economies, persons and therefore the atmosphere from the improper storage, transportation, treatment and removal of medical waste.
Healthcare facilities realize a secure and environmentally accountable medical waste disposal company,

The responsibility for every phase associated with medical waste management returns to the service supplier taking care of the situation or to hospital administrations that are accountable for such waste. It’s necessary to decide on a company that is expert in medical waste disposal for gathering and treatment particularly if the healthcare facilities don’t seem to be able to take care of it.

Medical waste management by Reduction in Motion recycling company is vital for all people, despite what we have a tendency to do for a living or wherever we have a tendency to live. For this reason, specialists attempt to develop systems that are more practical in safe, responsible, speedy and adaptable.

Despite the fact that it’s approved, the burning technique has sure disadvantages, particularly as a result of the ash is distributed to the landfill. Disadvantages of burning embrace its high prices and potential pollution hazards. Burning doesn’t eliminate waste, however, modifies the shape of waste into air emissions and it unfolds venturesome contamination worldwide.

Steam sterilization is another technique that is additionally acknowledged. When the method is completed, the liquid that results is discharged hygienically. Folks should perceive the importance of using this method faultlessly; the consequences may well be harmful. These wasted waters reach faraway places, and if they’re not properly sterilized, they will bring diseases with all reasonably harmful agents. Alternative disadvantages of this method are the risks of the explosion of the pressurized vessel; high operational prices and high investment compared to the productivity.

Another technique for sterilizing biomedical waste is the microwave medical waste medical aid. This treatment technique is to minimize our environmental impacts whereas treating infectious and dangerous waste. The disadvantages of this technology are the requirement of a well-trained workforce and stable electricity. So why wait? Hire a recycling company for professional healthcare recycling services to make sure your hospital wastes are managed well.


Leaflet marketing for your beauty business

Hair and beauty is one of those industries that customers are willing to pay for quality — looking good is big business. Women spend up to £40,000 on hair and £100,000 on make-up in their lifetime, according to, and few people will book an appointment at a salon that looks shabby. So, it’s important that you project professionalism at all times and portray your services in an attractive fashion — which is where print marketing comes in.

But, which form of print marketing will work best for your beauty company? While there are many services available, from A4 booklet printing to premium roller banners, a well-designed leaflet could be the cost-effective, moneymaking opportunity for you. And here, we’re going to find out why…

Leaflets are visual and so is beauty.

According to studies, you have just 50 microseconds to make a good first impression — in other words, not a lot of time. So, surely, you need promotional material that creates an instant impact, immediately signals your USPs, and is positively and attractively presented. A leaflet, unlike a brochure or pamphlet that can feature several pages, allows you to condense the very best of your services and products into one, easy-to-read page for maximum effect.

As the owner of a beauty business, your target consumer will be someone who cares about how they look. In fact, a Consumer Insights 2017 report by Cosmetics Europe found that 71% of consumers believe that cosmetic and personal care are ‘important or very important in their daily lives’, which makes offering your customers a beautifully designed leaflet all the more necessary and effective.

Use pleasant, complementary colours to create a nice aesthetic and opt for an elegant font to create an impression of class. High-quality imagery featuring happy customers is also a shrewd tactic and will help catch your audience’s eye. According to 3M, a science-based tech company, humans process images 60,000 times faster than text. Therefore, incorporating two descriptive photos in your leaflet is likely to improve how much about your beauty business the reader takes in — which should mean they’re more likely to consider you.

Using direct mail improves the efficiency of your leaflet campaign

Women who are between the ages of 18 and 34 make up the largest part of the cosmetics market, and this age band may be your target consumer as a beauty business owner — but the problem is: how do you contact these women specifically? If you adopt your leaflet marketing strategy as a direct mail campaign, your leaflets will allow you to target potential customers within a particular age bracket in key locations around your business. Direct mail is a form of marketing that helps companies send promotional material to a targeted group of current or potential customers. Therefore, you can reduce waste, save on over-ordering at the printer, and increase the chance that your leaflet will reach the right person. To do this, either conduct your own target audience research — for example, by using social media or surveys — or purchase key data, like ages and addresses, from third-party sites.

Standing out with direct mail print marketing

We don’t need to tell you that your industry has a lot of competition. With new products constantly coming onto the market, fresh trends rising and dropping, and the growing influence of online beauty tutorials, you have a lot to contend with in the sector.

Out of all industries, the beauty sector was actually one of the few that fared relatively well throughout the recession of 2008. The global skincare, beauty and cosmetics industry is anticipated to reach a worth of $675 million by 2020. With a value of around £17 billion in the UK and employing more than one million people, these figures show that beauty is a lucrative and attractive sector for entrepreneurs. So, how do you stand out?

Using leaflets as part of a direct mail print marketing campaign will help get your logo and brand out there. At a time when digital platforms seem to be taking over multiple parts of our lives — from how we pay for goods to how we speak with friends — you need an advertising strategy that sets you apart. So, go against the grain and invest in print. You probably already have a Facebook page and Instagram account to keep in touch with your clients, as well as an email database to send out deals as you wish. Therefore, opting for print marketing campaign will allow you to widen your net and reach an offline audience.

According to research by a neuromarketing firm, direct mail requires approximately 20% less brain effort to process than digital media, indicating that it is simpler to understand and store in our memories. In a recall test, 75% of those taking part were able to recall the business name after viewing it on a direct mail ad, compared to only 44% who were able to after seeing it on a digital ad. Is it possible that all of those beauty brands that put all their ads and offers online are missing a trick?

Leaflets can boost your ROI

According to Direct Line for Business, starting and running a beauty salon is ‘not cheap’, therefore you should try and save money wherever you can. Unlike lookbooks and catalogues, a single-sheet leaflet is one of the more cost-effective print options. Similarly, a one-off bulk purchase of leaflets may work out less in the long run than the cost it takes to maintain and run a digital marketing campaign. Despite common misconceptions that claim digital to be a free-of-charge platform for effective marketing techniques, your print material may actually be more effective than anything you could create digitally. A study that looked at the efficiency of print media compared to digital platforms including online banners conducted by research firm, GfK, showed that print ads provided the highest ROI: 120%. Perhaps digital is not as useful as anticipated.

Increase your marketing staying power

Think about when people visit you. Is it regularly or as a rare treat? If it’s often, this means you have to continually work to win their custom. If it’s seldom, you have to create marketing material that sticks in their mind so that, when they decide they want a beauty treatment, they think of you. According to the Direct Marketing Association, 45% of people keep leaflets on a board or in a drawer. So, while digital ads disappear, you can create an attractive, lightweight leaflet that your potential customer will be inclined to pin on a wall or on their fridge where they’ll have a constant reminder of your services and products.

Capitalising on discount offers

Leaflet marketing may also allow you to capitalise on attracting new customers with a discount offer. 57% of shoppers are encouraged to buy for the first time when they are given the chance to redeem a coupon, according to VoucherCloud, and 80% of consumers claim to use coupons regularly. If you’re looking to advertise new cosmetics or attract new customers for a flagging treatment, a leaflet that acts as a voucher can clearly help.

Since we’ve already discovered that people are inclined to retain leaflets, your audience will have more time to act on the tempting discount you’re offering, as opposed to receiving a pop-up ad or generic email. Plus, giving a time limit on your offer and highlighting this with a bold, coloured font on your leaflet will give your audience an effective reminder to act fast!

Leaflet marketing offers beauty businesses a world of opportunities. Research ideas and print companies online to find the ideal leaflet design to enhance and promote your brand.


Things to consider before buying a TV

We do not find any difficulty in buying such things, which we often buy, such as clothes, watches and devices such as tablets, smartphones etc. But purchasing a TV can be tricky for everyone because we do not buy TVs occasionally. Technology too changes drastically in 3-4 years which makes it even difficult for buyers to make the choice. Luckily there are TV comparison sites out there for you aid but it is better to have a better understandingof features before you zero down on something.

Information is always essential. While making a purchase, ensure that to havethe completeinfo accessible on the brand. Go through the description given by the online seller first. Compare TV; find reviews that provide you awareness’s about the performance and feature.

However, there are basic factors that you should decide about the perfect selection is stated below.

Screen Size: The size of your room or place should concludethe real screen size. That’s because you want to present the best view for everyone. Plus, your finances requirement can also decide the screen size. 55 inches are usual if you are looking for a full screen that is appropriate for your place. Big screens, high resolutions, so,understand the designs to make the best selection. For the economic shoppers, anything from 32 inches will cater the goal.

Contrast Ratio: A low contrast ratio implies that the black area of a picture can display in a monotonous form or it can be greyed out. When it’s about the bright areas, there will be absence of ability and it will end, the ratio should be adequate. The larger the ratio, the quality of your picture will be better.

Refresh rates: With a high refresh rate, you are capable to have a continuous picture speed down blurs. If you are in action movies or gaming, then this huge rate will give you easy entertainment because the picture will stay on fresh.

HDMI and Input Connection: The plug and port will enable you to function additionally with your TV. For this, the maximum the ports, the better for you, there will be various uses of input from the console to gaming bars.It is advisable to have at least four HDMI ports. HDCP is the key affinity to4K TV buyers.

Hold back. Compare TV and only order when you are fully clear about the brand. Do not hesitate to accept exchanges and price cut. Keep aware for exchanges that can save you so much on your Perfect TV choice.

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Big Mistakes You Are Making with Your Air Conditioner

With the depleting forests and natural water resources, the summers are getting hotter and hotter every year. That is one of the reasons why we are seeing the trend of people spending more money on home cooling solutions. It is especially true for homeowners who make the common mistakes during the installation process. Those mistakes will impact the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of the systems.

If your air conditioning system is poorly maintained then it will be contaminated with microorganisms and you are inhaling harmful air. That is the reason many people are suffering from asthma problems and various kinds of allergies.

Following are few mistakes that you need to avoid, if you have installed a Lloyd or any other brand of AC at home.

  • Not cleaning or changing your AC filters regularly

You are supposed to change your AC filters at least once in three months if you are running the AC all the time. Neglecting this can result in poor air flow or freezing up of the evaporator coil and as a result there can be 5 to 15 per cent increase in the electricity bill and also shorten the lifespan of your AC system.

  • Not servicing your AC annually

It is necessary to keep your AC always well-maintained and clean and after one year it is necessary to clean its internal parts thoroughly.

  • The thermostat is not programmable

Most of you often do not set your thermostat at proper temperature setting when you leave your home and as a result compressor unit of the AC keeps on running and rising up your electricity bill. Nowadays the latest AC models however incorporated this feature.

  • Setting your thermostat at very low temperature

As you know our body can get easily adjusted to hot or cool temperature pretty soon within few days. Many people often set a low temperature than needed and end up raising electricity bill.

  • Not using your ceiling fan

By turning on your ceiling fan you can circulate the air faster in the room so that you can reduce the load on your AC to certain extent.

  • Thermostat or vent are poorly positioned

If your AC is positioned in such a way that your thermostat is exposed to sunlight or nearby lamps then it may not function properly. Blocking the AC vents with curtains or furniture may also result in same problem.

  • You are cooling an empty room

If your AC remains on even when no one is present in the room can unnecessarily consume the electric energy and as e result your electricity bill will increase considerably.

  • No curtains or blinds on the window

If your window does not have any curtain or blinds then outside sun light may enter into the room which may put an extra load on your AC. This can also lead to unnecessary rise in electricity bill.

Amazon is now selling the latest models of various brands of air conditioners, which have taken care of most of these mistakes so that your energy bills do not go up.


How has the IT World changed?

IT world has developed drastically over the few years. The Silicon Valley in Bangalore has grown up to be the biggest industry in IT sector. Everyone wants an IT job and there is a huge competition already. People find it so difficult to make it till there. It is extremely important to have some idea in IT sector because it is needed everywhere. You want to design something or want an algorithm, coding is very important.

Due to limited seats, there is a huge competition among young graduates to secure an IT job. To secure your position, it is necessary to have Information Technology training, which helps you in getting better salary also. The ITIL practitioner training is one such course which gives you a lot of idea about the IT sector. Let us see the course in details.

Why go for ITIL Practitioner Certification?
The best step to start the ITIL journey is course, exam and finally you are a level up in ITSM. The ITIL Practitioner Certification provides with practical knowledge on adopting and adapting the ITIL framework. This helps in supporting your objectives in the business. You can speak in the ITIL language as well as translate it and use it further. You can have ITIL Practitioner Certification at any stage and you will acquire different skills in this. There are many things in the IT industry which are not taught in the academics so it is necessary to have this course so that you can apply for jobs.

The course helps in improving service given to the clients, efficiency, wider business, collaborations with ITSM and productivity. ITIL practitioner training can work on any frameworks like DevOps, Agile and Lean and make sure that there is a lot of improvement.

Know all the details about the courses that are to be taken

  • The Continual Service Improvement (CSI) is totally covered by the Information technology training which helps in improving the structure of any improvement initiatives.
  • The three important areas to make any improvement initiatives successful are: Organizational Change Management, Communication and Measurement and Metrics.
  • The ITIL practitioner teaches you to :
  • Focus on value, Design for Experience, Start where you are, Work holistically, and Progress iteratively, Observe directly, be transparent, collaborate, and Keep it simple.
  • The ITIL Practitioner Certification prepares you for the ITIL Practitioner exam. Without the certification you are not allowed to sit for it.
  • For qualifying in ITIL Intermediate Level, ITIL Practitioner is not a necessary thing.
  • For ITIL Expert qualification, there are 3 credits given to ITIL practitioner.

Why take the course?
It gives a structured approach to implement jobs. The key elements of ITIL practitioner are taught and how they work hand in hand. For different projects of various sizes, ITIL projects are tailored. The key principles are outlined. To make a place in the huge competition it is very necessary to opt for this course. You can secure your place and also earn money and be successful after doing the Information Technology training.

Small Business

Common IT Services You Will Require

IT services are commonly required by business owners in this day and age. Information technology is now a crucial part of the modern working environment, and is used to automate a variety of procedures and streamline operations within the office environment. In order to keep operations running smoothly, you will require IT services in your office from time to time. There are numerous companies that offer IT services and support for local businesses, as well as consumers all around New Malden. Here are just some of the many IT services you will require from time to time.

Computer Security

Protecting the computer network in your office is very important if you want to keep away hackers and unauthorised personnel from gaining access to your personal information. It is vitally important that you hire an IT expert to boost the security of your computer network. Ransomware, phishing attacks, and viruses can all cause extensive damage to the computers in your offices. Before you contact any IT company in New Malden, read about the latest threats that your business might be exposed to. This way, you will be able to discuss the security features that need to be deployed with the IT expert.

Disaster Recovery and Backups

You never know when a disaster may occur, damaging all of the hard drives and corrupting all of the saved data in your company. It is important that you hire an IT expert for disaster recovery and backups in order to protect all of the precious data. Data related to consumers, suppliers, future plans, past transactions, employee records, and other essential information must be kept safe, and backups should be created to protect your information and data. Simply storing the information on a separate hard drive might not be enough. Instead, you should hire a local IT expert to assist with disaster recovery, backups, and creating a cloud storage account to save all of your information.

Help Desk Support

If you want to outsource your support services to another company, an IT expert can assist you in creating a support ticket generation system. This could be quite useful for companies that need a reliable help desk solution. The help desk won’t just be useful for consumers, but employees at the company can also benefit from this. If there’s something that an employee doesn’t understand, they can contact the help desk and find out what’s wrong. This leads to improved productivity and significantly reduced levels of frustration in the workplace.

Cloud Computing

Are you thinking of moving your operations to the cloud? Migrating to the cloud can be quite difficult, and you will probably need assistance from a professional IT expert to assist you with the process.