Are you part of an organisation that manufactures or distributes metal for building projects? If so, then you know about the different types of metals that commercial builders need to use as well as how important it is for builders to get their jobs done as quickly as possible. As a supplier, the last thing that you want is to slow down another project because of a delivery problem or an issue with the product you’re delivering. Whether you’re working with bulk fencing or metal brackets, you know how important metal finishing is. But metal blacking is a process that can take a while, especially if you focus more on the smelting or welding process.

Whether you’re working with steel or copper, you need to know about a better way to improve your metal finishing process so that your clients can get the supplies they need without any delays or problems with your metal products.

What Is Metal Blacking?

Metal blacking is the process of finishing metal to give it its familiar charcoal colour without painting it. Without metal blacking, your metal will be more susceptible to oxidisation and rusting. The last thing that you want is to deliver a product to your client only for them to call you a week later to let you know that all of the metal you have delivered has rusted in the open air. This is why metal blacking is so important. With the right metal blacking solution, you can protect your fences and metal beams from rusting and corrosion from the elements.

As a metal supplier, it’s your job to deliver a product that lasts. Failing to deliver a good product will reflect poorly on you and your client so you need to ensure that any metal you deliver to your builder is properly finished or blacked.

A Better Blacking Solution

Perhaps you’ve attempted to develop your own blacking solution or perhaps you’ve been purchasing generic blacking chemicals at your local hardware store. But the problem with both of these approaches is that there’s little guarantee that the blacking solution will work. You should consider outsourcing your metal finishing to a metal blacking company such as Blackfast that has years of experience protecting metals from the elements.

Professional blacking companies usually develop their own metal blacking solution and they test the solution and refine it over the years, ensuring that any metal they blacken with their own solution will stand the test of time and will hold up in wet weather conditions.

Did you know there are different metal blacking solutions for different metals? For instance, copper requires a very special finish while steel requires yet another type of finish. Typically, most metal blacking solutions add a negligible layer to your raw metal so you don’t have to worry about pieces not fitting together after they’ve been blackened.

You might be a metal expert but it’s a good idea to let metal blacking experts handle your finishing. Consider partnering with a metal blacking company and you’ll notice how your products’ quality will improve.