If you are looking to offer trophies or awards to your business associates, you have several different options. The simplest option is to find a company that produces trophies and pick out a conventional design that you like. You can then have them engraved with the awards and the names of the winners. Plaques are also a great option. They can be made from wood, plastic, or any range of materials. You have another option, though: You could have something unconventional engraved and turned into a trophy.

Unconventional Trophies

If you want something unusual turned into a trophy, you need professional engraving in Surrey.

  • You need engravers that can engrave just about any material, which will keep your options open.
  • For example, a plumbing company might choose to have pipe wrenches engraved as awards.
  • A landscaping company might choose to have shovels engraved.
  • An architect might choose to engrave hard hats. The list goes on.


Engraving something unconventional is a great choice because it makes the award more memorable. Also, it shows that you were really thinking about the people to whom you are giving awards. Also, if you engrave something like a pipe wrench or a shovel, you could actually create a functional award. A shovel with an engraved handle can be a great decorative piece or it can simply be used as a shovel; the choice is yours.

When you choose to engrave something unconventional, you don’t even have to give it as an award. They can also be given as presents. They are unique and memorable in ways that other presents might not be.