When it’s time to redo the driveway or patio, finding a dependable groundworks company requires some time, research, and planning. The first step for any job is to determine what type of paving you need to have done. Maybe it’s block paving or full tarmac, but knowing this ahead of time will clarify the process for each company you research.

Initial Research

There are many options when looking for a commercial and domestic groundworks company in Skipton, so first consider asking friends and family for referrals, or simply search on the internet and browse the top results. Primarily, screen each possible company for certifications and experience, but also take a look at pictures from past jobs. Contact each one, and ask for references. Then, be sure to actually call each one to see if the job was done well.

Final Steps

Narrow the list of possible groundworks companies to no more than five, and then begin working towards deciding which fits your job standards for excellence and affordability. Here are a few additional tips to keep in mind:

  • Get an estimate from each one, and organise them by price
  • Make sure the quote each company gives is in writing to ensure the price won’t change. Also, ask about any hidden fees or possible upcharges
  • Stay local, and work with companies that regularly do work in the area

As you put the final factors together, weigh experience against overall cost, and make sure that you go with the company who will ultimately do perfect work on your paving job.