Many companies look for only one quality in a potential sales manager- experience. Well, a person may have years and years of experience in the sales industry, but their suitability to the kind of environment you have at your office is something bigger and more important than that. Will they fit into the ecosystem prevailing at your office? Well, this is a question that needs to be answered even before you ask the candidate about their work experience. Now, let’s look at some extremely important factors to take into account while undertaking sales manager hiring. Check out-

  1. Whether the company is in need of sales candidates or not, your sales manager should be on a subconscious hunt for the right people to work under him. This quest for talent will also make it easier for them to figure out what’s strong and what’s weak in the members of the current team he supervises. And when it comes to new hiring, the manger should be able to figure out what kind of screening process would be the best for the kind of people required for their team. The manager should also be able to differentiate between desired attributes and required attributes.

What evaluation process they consider for assessing candidates against their profiles? Will they be able to assist the company authority in reining in the best sales people? After considering all these aspects should an employer hire a sales manager for their company?

  1. The sales manager should also have great on-boarding skills. They should be able to make new salespersons comfortable in their work zone pretty quickly, without much fuss. Also, will they be able to devise plans to make the salespersons working under them productive in the least amount of time possible? If yes, then they sure have the kind of merit that will prove useful for your company.
  2. A lot of companies around the world depend on one particular person for the growth of their sales department. It is this person that determines the success or failure of the sales arm. But this model doesn’t work for long as it is not a sustainable model of operation. The day this rainmaker leaves, the sales department’s growth takes a backseat. The best model is a process driven one, wherein everyone starting from the manager to the salespersons follow a particular work model to achieve bigger goals for the company. With your assessment, you should be able to figure out if the potential sales manager has the capacity to device such a fruitful work model.
  3. An important part of any sales department is metrics. And that is why you should assess the capability of a potential sales manager to use metrics for driving sales. Also, find out if they can use metrics to affect their team’s overall performance.

Although there are many ways to assess the capabilities of a potential sales manager, the best way to do so is with a sales manager hiring test. You can find these tests easily over the internet.