If you’ve ever experienced mail or identity theft or spent countless hours sorting through your mail, figuring out which is what then you probably understand why this needs to end.

Your mailbox has been giving you too many problems and it’s time for a change. Why risk losing important mail like bank statements or bills again when you can get them conveniently through your phone? With a virtual mailbox, all this is possible and more.

What is a Virtual Mailbox? 

A virtual mailbox is the better, updated version of your physical mailbox. By having a virtual mailbox, you will be able to view, control, sort and handle your mail all within a few minutes.

How does it work? Your mail is sent to highly secured facilities where mail operators will receive your mail, sign for your packages then scan the envelopes and send the images to you electronically. You receive instant notifications with all new mail. Then you can log into your account through your phone, tablet or laptop.

All you need is an internet connection to control your mail. Once you log into your account, you’d be able to classify mail into folders, download and print any mail piece and send out mail requests on how you’d like to handle your mail.

A highly experienced, leading company like PostScan Mail offers various virtual mailbox services to choose from for mail automation. You can either open & scan, forward, shred, recycle or archive your mail. Send in the request and get a confirmation once it’s taken care of.

How can this service help you?

  1. You’ll never have to deal with paper mail again. Handling paper mail is messy and ineffective. It leads to losing important mail or risking it being stolen. With a virtual mailbox, paper mail is converted into digital mail, only for you to see and control.


  1. No longer get junk mail. Going through your mail will be as easy as going through your email, and maybe even easier. You can set advanced filters to never receive junk mail again! Feel free to even set up pre-filters and have your mail sent automatically into specific folders.
  1. Online shopping just became ten times better. When you shop online, you have to keep in mind shipping date and what couriers to use because the Post Office only delivers through USPS. Now you no longer have to be home to receive packages because PostScan Mail will hold them for up to 30 days if you need until you want them forwarded. Plus, you can get packages from all couriers like DHL, FedEx or UPS, not just USPS. Take that vacation and don’t worry, you’ve deserved it.
  1. Supreme Mail Forwarding Services. Need that package now but aren’t home? Send in a forwarding request and we’ll deliver it to you domestically or internationally. Your packages will even be consolidated before shipping for lower shipping fees.


  1. It’s perfect for home-based or small businesses. If you’re starting your own business from home or can’t afford a prestige commercial address but want to build up your professional image, PostScan Mail is for you. Offering over 20 nationwide addresses to choose from, you can pick which city you want to have an address in and join the competitive market.
  1. A permanent real street address. You don’t only get a virtual mailbox with its helpful features but you also get a permanent address. If you’re always on the move, a traveler, or an expat, you’re going to need a stable address for your mail. Apply for a change of address one last time and never worry about needing to again.


  1. Your mailbox or P.O box won’t overflow again. If your mailbox overflows with unattended mail, the Post man either returns the mail to the Post Office who returns it to the sender or tries to jam it into your mailbox anyway. If your P.O box overflows, USPS start sending you notifications to upgrade your P.O box to a bigger size, charging you more money. Does the dilemma ever end?! Yes, yes it does. Since your virtual mailbox is cloud-based, your mailbox never overflows. All scanned mail will be archived online for you to access whenever you need, never miss out on important mail again.


  1. Protect yourself against identity theft. Identity theft comes as a result of number 7. When your mailbox overflows, even if mail is left for just a few days, it jeopardizes you to identity theft. This can happen through bank or credit card statements, bills or any critical mail. It can take weeks, maybe even months to recover your identity! With a special shredding feature, any sensitive mail can be shredded to confirm never falling into the wrong hands.
  1. Share a mailbox with the whole family. Multiple users can share one virtual mailbox, unlike your P.O box that is restricted to just you. Each member can log in separately using their own username and password to view and handle their mail.

How to sign up for yours? 

Go to PostScan Mail and get your free 30-day trial to try out PostScan Mail’s virtual mail services and enjoy one of the top virtual mailbox providers with dedicated customer support. Once you go virtual, there’s no going back.