There are many benefits that accompany the completion of the 30 hour OSHA Online Safety Course. Most importantly, it ensures that your company is 100% safety compliant, but there is much more to the experience.

Helpful Information Regarding the 30-Hour Online OSHA Safety Course

As everyone is aware, job related incidents and injuries are not a good thing for anyone involved. In addition to the potential pain, suffering and general inconvenience that is experienced by the individual directly involved, there are a ripple of other negative effects that occur, as well. Health and safety issues in the workplace negatively impact the productivity of the site, can lower general employee morale, and can certainly hurt the bottom line financially. The best way to keep incidents as infrequent as possible is to be aware of the potential for issues and to preemptively know how to avoid issues before they occur.

Benefits of the Online Program

One huge benefit of the online OSHA Safety Course programs being online is that companies are now able to avoid the previously standard overhead costs of footing the bill for the workers to go to a training conference. This eliminates such fees as travel and hotel rooms for workers while they were attending a location to accomplish their safety courses.

There is access via email to an OSHA-certified teacher, available tech support, and customer service. You are able to log in and log out to access the course anytime day or night during the entire period that the course is active.

Easy to Complete

Our online 30-hour course is something that we make as easy for you to complete as possible. This is done through the use of an online program which can be fully completed in the comfort of your home or office. It is completed in an on-demand format in order to make the process ultra convenient in terms of working on your own time. A generous six-month time period from the initial log in is standard under which you must have the 30-hour course completed.

Who Needs A 30 Hour OSHA Online Safety Course?

While there are shorter OSHA Safety Courses, the 30-hour course is designed to be an in depth and more comprehensive means through which to provide details that safety supervisors or workers who are responsible for safety management need. It is the perfect course for senior level officials, foremen, supervisors, and safety managers.

This includes, but is not limited to, information regarding how complaints are filed, the responsibilities of employers, and the rights of workers. Additionally, the course provides information on recognizing, avoiding, and preventing health and safety issues in the


What Type of Learning Tools Are Provided in the Online Course?

No matter how you learn best personally, there is an online OSHA course tool which can help you through the course. There are interactive training exercises, audio narration during certain parts, lesson reviews, and even complementary study guides provided in order to help ensure your success in passing the final exam. Additionally, there is email access available which will allow you to communicate with a knowledgeable OSHA trained expert to clarify any and all questions which may arise.

What is Required to Pass the Final Exam?

For the 30-Hour OSHA Safety Course Final Exam, the minimum passing score is 70%. The online course allows three attempts to reach this 70% passing grade.

Who Teaches the 30-Hour OSHA Safety Course?

All OSHA Safety Courses are provided by OSHA Authorized Trainers to ensure that you are receiving the best information possible. In addition, there are technical support personnel and customer service experts available to assist when needed.

Proof of Course Completion

Upon completion of any of the OSHA industry training courses, you receive a card to keep in your wallet as proof of course completion.