Many would argue that a cluttered desk at home is often the sign of a creative mind that generates plenty of novel ideas. This may well be the case but a cluttered desk in the workplace only leads to distraction and inefficiency! Furthermore, it is essential that any office is designed in a way that is maximally conducive to work and focus.

Designing the Perfect Office

There are many thoughts on what makes for a truly effective and efficient office. Ideally, every work space should prioritise the best use of space but also highlight aesthetics in order to provide a pleasant working environment for employees. Here are some ideas on creating an office area that is effective, efficient, and pleasant to work in:

  • Partitioning: While open-plan offices work in many cases, there are few offices that do not feature some form of planned partitioning. Well-designed partitions that are placed so as to emphasise high-traffic areas and delineate between departments and sections can actually improve productivity rather than hinder it. Office partitions in Perth are available that are portable, attractive, and easily installed.
  • Aesthetics and Atmosphere: The overall feel of an office space is as much about the way it is designed as it is about the way it actually looks. Partitions, for example, do not have to be bulky affairs. Instead, they can be sleek and well-designed pieces that provide maximum movement throughout the office and also provide a sense of architectural flair and high-minded design. A big part of this is how much natural light is illuminating such interior work spaces. Studies have found that the more natural light is entering a workspace, the happier and more productive people are.
  • Portability: Though it is not a priority for many building owners or managers, a portable office is of great use. For example, imagine that an office has well-positioned partitions that are light and portable. This means that they can easily be installed elsewhere in the office space and the configuration changed. This adaptability to change and worker need is the key to thriving in 21st-century business.
  • Ergonomics: Perhaps the final piece of the office puzzle is in ensuring that everyone has access to workstations and furniture that is fit for purpose. This means that it must abide by all occupational health and safety guidelines and also provide significant ergonomics.

The Benefits of a Happy Office

There is no doubt that a happy office is also a more productive office and one where employees are generally happy to spend their time. In this sense, the days of the dictatorial workspace are outmoded and long overdue for the garbage heap.