Most of us good folk out there like to believe that such a thing could never happen to us because we’re wise enough not to let our guards down and get cheated. However, such things do happen and that’s why it is in our best interests to know exactly how to avoid them and what to be on the lookout for.

And if you don’t believe that these lowlifes actually exist, just put the words “removal scams”, into any search engine, and see what comes up. We all need to be smart enough to know what the signs are which will ultimately raise a red flag when dealing with a bunch of scammers.

Below is some good advice on how you will know if removalists are genuine or not. 5 points to consider:

1 – Do the Research and See if You Can Find any Previous Cons

  • It won’t take long to get the data which could save you so much pain and grief later on.
  • Go online and use a search engine (there are other good ones out there apart from Google!) and type in a company’s name you are interested in with the word ‘scam’ afterwards.
  • You can then check if there have been any prior negative activity and what other people have had to say.

2 – Check out the company’s website

  • The internet has now provided everybody with an easy way of seeing exactly what any service can provide with regards to professional home and office removalists in Melbourne.

3 – Get a Quote and Make a Note of It

  • A trustworthy service will provide you with a written estimate including both the price and anything else included with their service.
  • If when consulting with them on the phone, someone says the price is ‘something like that,’ be slightly careful as this may be a case of people who will later hike the price up without telling you.

4 – Make sure that everything is clear and ask questions

  • This should include questions which relate to the moving process, costs, what the money is going to be spent on, the vehicle being used, and anything else which you may have concerns about.
  • Remember, that villains are not very good with details.
  • And, if any of your questions doesn’t get clearly answered, pass on them and talk to others who do give you clear and precise answers.

5 – Do not, Hand Over any Money without Documentation.

  • If there is any trouble later on, your claims will all be fully backed up with some good old fashioned signed documents.
  • There are stories from the past with regard to removal scammers who even got customers to give their signatures to blank paper.
  • Ensure that the removal company hands you over signed documentation which details all of the services, terms and costs, with all of the company’s data on it.

By using the advice above, your move should go just fine!