With the better technological advancements, everything has gone online today and same is the case with marketing. The two keys of online marketing are search engine optimization and the content. For a better ranking and a better marketing, it is very important to keep a balance between both the content as well as the search engine optimization. It is therefore, important to write content which is SEo friendly. If you too are a content marketer and are struggling to write content which is aligned with the guidelines of search engine optimization then here are some tips and tricks for the same.

Optimize the title of the content

Both, the meta title as well as the title of the content play significant roles in search engine rankings and search engine optimization. So, ensure that that the title that you create is in accordance with the guidelines that are designed for better search engine optimization. Include keywords, make it catchy and do every possible thing to make it optimized. 

Do keyword research and use

Keyword analytics is a domain that deals with the keyword phrasing and usage of the same in the content. Keyword research is a very important part of making the content search engine optimization friendly. Therefore, keyword research must be appropriate enough to target every important and profitable keyword. 

Avoid keyword stuffing

Using keywords is important but making use of them in a seemingly natural way is also very important. Keyword stuffing is something which should be avoided if you wish to make your content SEO friendly. A keyword must be inserted within the content only if it makes sense as reckless keyword stuffing can lead to bad quality of the content. This eventually leads to lower rankings.

Make it better in readability

Readability is where the search engine focuses when it comes to content. The content should be such that it should be easily readable even by an average person. Ensure that you do not use much of those fancy words and language. Keep the content as simple as possible, so as to make it better in readability.

Create original content 

Originality is the key in good content. You should completely inhibit yourself from copying content posted by someone else as search engines have very strict and advanced algorithms which can detect even slightest of plagiarism. This is again very harmful for your search engine optimization practises. Avoid passive voice while writing online content, watch out for the sentence length and the number of syllables per word.

Creating seo friendly content isn’t as big of a task as it is seems to be. This can be achieved by following some guidelines from the search engines. Few of these guidelines and tips are mentioned in the above section of the blog.