Visual communication is the most important method of communication today. In fact, if you combine film/video with quality audio, you’ve taken a giant step toward getting your message across to a targeted audience. Of course, it’s still important to have quality print content along with your visual content. But there is a truth in these statements: If someone reads about your product or service, he or she may choose to work with you. If you show your potential customer with quality video, your conversion rate increases significantly.

Some companies hesitate to use a professional production company because they’re concerned about the return on investment (ROI). If they choose to create their own video message, they risk turning some potential clients away with lower-quality production. You may find that there are some situations that will work with amateur production. But the amount that you invest in professional filming can return to you many times over, thanks to the experience that you provide to the target audience.

Start with a Budget

Your budget for production doesn’t have to empty the bank account if you work with the right provider. For example, if you’re considering the establishment of a new business or you want to promote your current operation in a great location such as Dubai, your best option is to arrange for a professional production company in Dubai. This gives you more than expertise in the design and production of your message. It also provides local knowledge, which can be extremely important (some would say essential).

Before you make your choice, think carefully about the corporate image that you want to present. Just as you want to make a great first impression when you show up for a meeting or job interview in person, you should begin with the objective of making a great impression with your video. This is the “window” through which the world will see your company, your products, your services. It makes good business sense to have experienced individuals assist with creative direction, with developing the script and location plan, and, of course, with the live recording.

Your Story

Through the entire process from idea and initial consultation to the final touch put on your video, it’s essential to keep your story at the core of the production. In fact, you should never receive less than this from a professional production company. They should work closely with you to present your image and brand in the best manner. As mentioned, this level of production doesn’t have to be impossibly expensive. It doesn’t even have to use up a lot of your valuable time.

More people, in business and outside of the commercial world, are getting their information by watching video online. Many more are viewing these messages on mobile devices so you and your production partner should use this information when planning your video. You certainly don’t want to make your presentation too long because this can turn an important percentage of the audience away. Experienced production companies understand this and will use the best locations to deliver a video that’s of the perfect length.