It is without doubt that the human resource management does play a crucial role in the overall functioning and efficiency of any organization. The need for selecting the best candidates and to deploy them in key positions keeping in mind their skills, talents and knowledge have been realized by the management of all organizations to increase productivity.

About psychometric assessment

These days, recruiters have been using psychometric personality test to evaluate candidates and to select the best person for the job. Psychometrics is said to refer to that branch of science which helps to measure the individual’s mental processes and capabilities. Traditional psychometric assessment includes a pencil, paper test where the candidate is provided a series of questions or statements to which he/she is to respond appropriately. An output is derived that is usually in report form, specifying where the candidates stand. This is by taking into account the specific traits, attitudes, skills or qualities of the candidates. This test can be done with pen and paper or online. The online version results can be derived instantly, thus making it all the more popular among recruiters, who otherwise are found to be bogged down by the various types of tasks that goes into the recruitment and evaluating process.

Few typical psychometric assessment tests

  • Motivation / Values assessments
  • Skills assessments
  • Aptitude / Cognitive assessments
  • Behavioural / Personality assessments

The western world is seen to be investing heavily on conducting different types of tests to select the best candidates including psychometric tests. It is an important parameter that is used for selecting the right person for the job.

Relevance in current competitive world

  • Efficiency and speed: Psychometric tests do offer quick method to derive more information about the employees. These online tests come with a time frame of 10 – 45 minutes. The results of such test can be availed quickly. It is found to be appealing to decision makers and managers who are compelled to derive quick results, but without losing on the quality aspect. Assessments could also be undertaken among larger people group simultaneously, hence, bringing more efficiencies.
  • Created by experts: These assessments are said to be developed by highly trained and well qualified psychometricians and after thorough research. They make use of advanced statistical and psychometric principles. Thus, grater level of precision, accuracy and depth to competences can be assessed.
  • Objective assessment: Subjectivity is eliminated in evaluation and selected decisions. The tests throw up consistently results that are based upon individual response to test items instead of subjective evaluations or impressions formed by interviewers.
  • Cost effective: One of the major advantages offered by Psychometrics is they are cost effective. When compared to third party methods (panel interviews, in basket exercises, assessment centres), the psychometric tools do enable huge savings to organizations and also maintain stable predictive ability and to maintain consistency.

It is for all the above reasons that various types of tests are conducted among candidates to find out the best one and to make the hiring process a simple, but highly effective one.