With changing world of communication, technology & fashion, office design trends also need to change from time to time. With employees sitting on a desk in a cubicle most of the time in day, you need to add a setup that improves work efficiency and employee’s experience. In earlier days creativity was not appreciated in workspaces therefore making employees work experience very uncomfortable. We need to consider following latest trends in office design and culture as a part of business growth and employee wellbeing. Most workplace trends and office interiors nowadays are influenced by tech industry.

An employee who spends most of his productive time(almost 8 hours a day) at your office needs to feel energetic, motivated and relaxed in order to give his/her best. Making a few adjustments in the workplace infrastructure like modern and comfortable chairs, improved lighting and indoor plants are all parts of enhanced workspace and impact your staff’s performance. Creating vibrant and attractive office spaces is also one way of retaining and recruiting talented employees. Installing tech products that automate your workspace will help you to monitor employee wellbeing and increase their productivity. Following are some top office infrastructure design trends that you can implement at your organisation-

1)Go-Green- Plants inside the workplace premises can absorb toxicants in atmosphere and increase the flow of oxygen and provide cleaner air to breathe. Numerous scientific studies have proved the benifits of introducing some greenery in form of plants like reducing stress, increase productivity and the most important improving ambience. Introducing eco-friendly techniques like evicting use of paper, power consumption and using energy efficient appliances will ultimately reduce costs and save energy for well being of nature.

2)Technology innovation- To run a succesfull business you should integrate latest technolgies in your office workspace that improve your daily routine and management strategies. In order to work efficiently you have to constantly upgrade your equipments. Upgrading customer management by installing visitor management system tablet at entrance of your office adds up to customer experience. Providing laptops instead of desktop computers can help the employees to work remotely. Power options around the office space should be accessible easily so that people can move around inside.

3)Comfortable and Flexible spaces- There should be ample space for your employees and customers to move around. Office desks should be adjustable to provide comfort and private meeting areas should be easily accessible so that there is no interuption and one can relocate when required. Better kitchens, dining areas, indoor game rooms and coffee shops uplift employee comfort and experience.

4) Introducing Mobility- Providing appropriate tools, adjustable desks, based on employee’s job functions makes then work more efficiently. Providing agile atmosphere and quiet conference rooms for discussion can help to collaborate easily with the other members. The right kind of furniture and interior design reduce chances of distraction and affect productivity. Optimize the use of office space to introduce mobility inside your premises.