In the midst of all this industrial and economic boom we are experiencing globally, one essential element has been at the center of all this and its rapid prototyping services. Innovation and new trends in technology have fueled the development of the manufacturing sector to new heights.

For a while now the manufacturing process has entailed the production of good and services with the help of a human element. However, for an economy to develop at faster and peak rates automation is the option. This is where rapid prototyping comes in providing solutions for optimal production with minimal wastage.

Rapid prototyping services have changed the landscape of conventional production of good, but we must ask ourselves at what cost? Is it worth it? And how much have these services improved our lives? In this article, we are going to look at how rapid prototyping services has impacted the manufacturing sector and its benefits.

Impact of Rapid prototyping on Manufacturing

In the past, creating a prototype based on the original design required manual craft tooling, testing, and approval which could take months. Most companies did not have the technological know-how, they were produced in other countries making the whole process expensive and time-consuming.

After the introduction of CAD modeling almost 30 years ago, the process underwent technological changes to make it more powerful, faster and accurate. At the time the technology was a preserve for large multi-national corporations due to its massive investment costs that smaller companies could not afford. Lowering the cost of prototyping machines have made the technology mainstream that can be used by all.

Since its inception, Rapid prototyping service designers can build shapes and designs that a while ago seemed impossible reducing the production cost. Not only firms can print their parts, but they can also print their tools, modification of pieces of tooling which were expensive in the past now cost a few bucks making the entire process seamless and efficient.

This service has led to exponential growth and more innovative thinking harnessing the design and artistic skills as more people have access to these machines and software tools opening up the world to new designs and models.

It’s a transformative and disruptive technology as it does not require big tools or big companies you can do it yourself. This service has proven to be an enabler bring a lot of changes to businesses worldwide.

Benefits of rapid prototyping services

  • It’s effective and economical reducing errors and risks in the final phase of production
  • It provides proof of concept of how the final product will look like and feel
  • It facilitates testing and experimentation of the functionality of prototypes.