Arnon Dror is in a league of his own in the world of international finance. Very few executives can match his level of success in this arena. He holds a master degree in business administration and years of valuable experience under his belt. He has the privilege of holding and discharging the office of Vice-President in many prominent companies. These organizations include Xerox, Creo Americas, Creo Inc., Scitex, and Presstek. The officials of these establishments are grateful for his services. They say he is responsible for turning their concerns into profit-making entities. They admit he has a very impressive track record in this area. Many of them even acknowledge him to be an expert in a number of diverse fields. These include internal control, cash flow management, corporate mergers, ERP integration, international taxation, and strategic planning.

Arnon Dror – Is it worthwhile for entrepreneurs to consider invoice financing?

This financial expert explains entrepreneurs generally issue invoices to their customers after every successful sale. However, there isn’t any guarantee these individuals are going to clear their outstanding dues on time. They can cite a variety of reasons for being unable to do so. Unfortunately, the actions of these clients put immense pressure on the cash flow position of the proprietors. They find it very difficult to operate their businesses smoothly.

In many cases, the owners may even have to shelf their market expansion programs. This undermines the competitiveness of their organizations in the marketplace. They obviously want to find a solution to this common problem. This is why this professional suggests they should opt for invoice financing.

This professional says invoice financing can work wonders for entrepreneurs. It’s a process where these businessmen can get the money they need against their unpaid invoices. They have to ensure such documents are in order before issuing to their clients. Moreover, they don’t have to lose sleep over collections. The service provider who offers them the monetary assistance takes care of this issue. This gives them more time to focus on other areas of their business. He points out the following two important reasons why the owners should take this course of action:

  1. Boosts cashflow

This is perhaps the most positive effect invoice financing can have on the entrepreneurs’ business. These owners just need to produce authentic outstanding sales bills to their service provider. This financier then provides the proprietors with the cash they need to run their businesses. He/she offers them a sum equivalent to a certain percentage of the total value of such documents. However, the amount is enough to ensure they don’t experience a cash crunch.

  1. Availability of funds is proportionate growth of their businesses

When entrepreneurs expand their commercial activities in the market, they need instant funds. Traditional modes of finance can meet their specific requirements. Fortunately, this is not the case with invoice financing. The owners just need to focus on generating more sales and issuing authentic invoices. The service providers they work with do the rest. This implies the owners can get the cash they require to implement expansion projects.

Arnon Dror clarifies that invoice financing is a necessity for entrepreneurs. The above two important reasons to opt for this mode of finance proves this fact. These proprietors soon find they can get the necessary funds to implement their expansion projects. They won’t regret taking the decision.