As summer approaches, more and more people choose to install electricals outdoors, whether it be in the form of lighting for the garden or electrical sockets for electrical appliances such as lawnmowers and electrical garden heaters. However, is this safe to do?

Flex-it are your go to conduit company if you plan on taking your electricals outdoors this summer, ensuring safety isn’t compromised.

The first thing you have to do is determine whether overhead or underground cables are most suitable for the project you have in mind.

Installing overhead wires is easy, requiring little time and effort, however, they are more susceptible to accidental damage. To contrast this, the underground wires are somewhat trickier to install but much safer, for your clients!

Although not all conduit systems offer high-performance when installing outdoors, retractable cables are just one of the cables that do.

Retractable cables.

Not only do Flex-it allow you to use conduit outside, you have the opportunity to adapt it in a way that suits your demands. The retractable cablesare bespoke so you can choose a size that suits you best and a colour that will fit in with your surrounding environments. Having wires outdoors needn’t be unsightly!

The knowledgeable team of experts at Flex it provides retractable cables to offer high performance, if you’re looking to find the right solution, they can help!

For the project you’re about to undergo, it’s best you consider Flex It’s range of flexible conduits, including the PVC flexible conduit and flexible steel conduit.

PVC Flexible Conduit.

For outdoor activities that require electricity, you need to think about how safe it is. If you use a PVC flexible conduit, you needn’t worry about meeting stringent rules and regulations regarding safety, they are designed to suit your bespoke needs. Flex It aim to meet and exceed all customer requirements, manufacturing their cables with precision.

If you require an electrical supply for your outdoor fish pond, this is possible when you choose Flex It! To suit your commercial needs, Flex It supply PVC flexible conduit to protect the cables against moisture. Wires that are installed outdoors are potentially hazardous when it starts to rain, leading to electrical faults.

Having said this, the Flex It PVC flexible conduit is not watertight; meaning, it is best used above the surface.

PVC Spiral Conduit.

Renowned for its sheer durability and flexibility, the PVC spiral conduit is an ideal solution for conduit outdoors. The PVC Spiral conduit has been manufactured to have a high-temperature range, offering exceptional performance when the temperatures are exceedingly high throughout the summer and freezing during the winter.

Flex It provides the PVC spiral conduit to offer all-round protection- can you really afford to install electricals outside, without it?

Flexible Steel Conduit.

Where the environment is prone to corrosion, it’s reassuring to know that Flex It have a reasonable solution, that’s affordable!

The flexible steel conduit is designed to offer resistance to corrosion, allowing you to ensure you get your money’s worth. A Flex It flexible steel conduit is an ideal choice if you require the highest levels of protection and resistance towards high temperatures.

This type of conduit is designed to withstand constant vibrations and flexing- ensuring that your wires are held securely and safely whilst outdoors!

To find out more about the use of conduit outside, speak to one of the experts at Flex It today!