Leaflet marketing for your beauty business

Hair and beauty is one of those industries that customers are willing to pay for quality — looking good is big business. Women spend up to £40,000 on hair and £100,000 on make-up in their lifetime, according to, and few people will book an appointment at a salon that looks shabby. So, it’s important that you project professionalism at all times and portray your services in an attractive fashion — which is where print marketing comes in.

But, which form of print marketing will work best for your beauty company? While there are many services available, from A4 booklet printing to premium roller banners, a well-designed leaflet could be the cost-effective, moneymaking opportunity for you. And here, we’re going to find out why…

Leaflets are visual and so is beauty.

According to studies, you have just 50 microseconds to make a good first impression — in other words, not a lot of time. So, surely, you need promotional material that creates an instant impact, immediately signals your USPs, and is positively and attractively presented. A leaflet, unlike a brochure or pamphlet that can feature several pages, allows you to condense the very best of your services and products into one, easy-to-read page for maximum effect.

As the owner of a beauty business, your target consumer will be someone who cares about how they look. In fact, a Consumer Insights 2017 report by Cosmetics Europe found that 71% of consumers believe that cosmetic and personal care are ‘important or very important in their daily lives’, which makes offering your customers a beautifully designed leaflet all the more necessary and effective.

Use pleasant, complementary colours to create a nice aesthetic and opt for an elegant font to create an impression of class. High-quality imagery featuring happy customers is also a shrewd tactic and will help catch your audience’s eye. According to 3M, a science-based tech company, humans process images 60,000 times faster than text. Therefore, incorporating two descriptive photos in your leaflet is likely to improve how much about your beauty business the reader takes in — which should mean they’re more likely to consider you.

Using direct mail improves the efficiency of your leaflet campaign

Women who are between the ages of 18 and 34 make up the largest part of the cosmetics market, and this age band may be your target consumer as a beauty business owner — but the problem is: how do you contact these women specifically? If you adopt your leaflet marketing strategy as a direct mail campaign, your leaflets will allow you to target potential customers within a particular age bracket in key locations around your business. Direct mail is a form of marketing that helps companies send promotional material to a targeted group of current or potential customers. Therefore, you can reduce waste, save on over-ordering at the printer, and increase the chance that your leaflet will reach the right person. To do this, either conduct your own target audience research — for example, by using social media or surveys — or purchase key data, like ages and addresses, from third-party sites.

Standing out with direct mail print marketing

We don’t need to tell you that your industry has a lot of competition. With new products constantly coming onto the market, fresh trends rising and dropping, and the growing influence of online beauty tutorials, you have a lot to contend with in the sector.

Out of all industries, the beauty sector was actually one of the few that fared relatively well throughout the recession of 2008. The global skincare, beauty and cosmetics industry is anticipated to reach a worth of $675 million by 2020. With a value of around £17 billion in the UK and employing more than one million people, these figures show that beauty is a lucrative and attractive sector for entrepreneurs. So, how do you stand out?

Using leaflets as part of a direct mail print marketing campaign will help get your logo and brand out there. At a time when digital platforms seem to be taking over multiple parts of our lives — from how we pay for goods to how we speak with friends — you need an advertising strategy that sets you apart. So, go against the grain and invest in print. You probably already have a Facebook page and Instagram account to keep in touch with your clients, as well as an email database to send out deals as you wish. Therefore, opting for print marketing campaign will allow you to widen your net and reach an offline audience.

According to research by a neuromarketing firm, direct mail requires approximately 20% less brain effort to process than digital media, indicating that it is simpler to understand and store in our memories. In a recall test, 75% of those taking part were able to recall the business name after viewing it on a direct mail ad, compared to only 44% who were able to after seeing it on a digital ad. Is it possible that all of those beauty brands that put all their ads and offers online are missing a trick?

Leaflets can boost your ROI

According to Direct Line for Business, starting and running a beauty salon is ‘not cheap’, therefore you should try and save money wherever you can. Unlike lookbooks and catalogues, a single-sheet leaflet is one of the more cost-effective print options. Similarly, a one-off bulk purchase of leaflets may work out less in the long run than the cost it takes to maintain and run a digital marketing campaign. Despite common misconceptions that claim digital to be a free-of-charge platform for effective marketing techniques, your print material may actually be more effective than anything you could create digitally. A study that looked at the efficiency of print media compared to digital platforms including online banners conducted by research firm, GfK, showed that print ads provided the highest ROI: 120%. Perhaps digital is not as useful as anticipated.

Increase your marketing staying power

Think about when people visit you. Is it regularly or as a rare treat? If it’s often, this means you have to continually work to win their custom. If it’s seldom, you have to create marketing material that sticks in their mind so that, when they decide they want a beauty treatment, they think of you. According to the Direct Marketing Association, 45% of people keep leaflets on a board or in a drawer. So, while digital ads disappear, you can create an attractive, lightweight leaflet that your potential customer will be inclined to pin on a wall or on their fridge where they’ll have a constant reminder of your services and products.

Capitalising on discount offers

Leaflet marketing may also allow you to capitalise on attracting new customers with a discount offer. 57% of shoppers are encouraged to buy for the first time when they are given the chance to redeem a coupon, according to VoucherCloud, and 80% of consumers claim to use coupons regularly. If you’re looking to advertise new cosmetics or attract new customers for a flagging treatment, a leaflet that acts as a voucher can clearly help.

Since we’ve already discovered that people are inclined to retain leaflets, your audience will have more time to act on the tempting discount you’re offering, as opposed to receiving a pop-up ad or generic email. Plus, giving a time limit on your offer and highlighting this with a bold, coloured font on your leaflet will give your audience an effective reminder to act fast!

Leaflet marketing offers beauty businesses a world of opportunities. Research ideas and print companies online to find the ideal leaflet design to enhance and promote your brand.


Things to consider before buying a TV

We do not find any difficulty in buying such things, which we often buy, such as clothes, watches and devices such as tablets, smartphones etc. But purchasing a TV can be tricky for everyone because we do not buy TVs occasionally. Technology too changes drastically in 3-4 years which makes it even difficult for buyers to make the choice. Luckily there are TV comparison sites out there for you aid but it is better to have a better understandingof features before you zero down on something.

Information is always essential. While making a purchase, ensure that to havethe completeinfo accessible on the brand. Go through the description given by the online seller first. Compare TV; find reviews that provide you awareness’s about the performance and feature.

However, there are basic factors that you should decide about the perfect selection is stated below.

Screen Size: The size of your room or place should concludethe real screen size. That’s because you want to present the best view for everyone. Plus, your finances requirement can also decide the screen size. 55 inches are usual if you are looking for a full screen that is appropriate for your place. Big screens, high resolutions, so,understand the designs to make the best selection. For the economic shoppers, anything from 32 inches will cater the goal.

Contrast Ratio: A low contrast ratio implies that the black area of a picture can display in a monotonous form or it can be greyed out. When it’s about the bright areas, there will be absence of ability and it will end, the ratio should be adequate. The larger the ratio, the quality of your picture will be better.

Refresh rates: With a high refresh rate, you are capable to have a continuous picture speed down blurs. If you are in action movies or gaming, then this huge rate will give you easy entertainment because the picture will stay on fresh.

HDMI and Input Connection: The plug and port will enable you to function additionally with your TV. For this, the maximum the ports, the better for you, there will be various uses of input from the console to gaming bars.It is advisable to have at least four HDMI ports. HDCP is the key affinity to4K TV buyers.

Hold back. Compare TV and only order when you are fully clear about the brand. Do not hesitate to accept exchanges and price cut. Keep aware for exchanges that can save you so much on your Perfect TV choice.


All You Need to Know About Aluminium Fabrication

Metals are used in everyday life from the construction of bridges to the manufacture of automobile parts among others. However, in all of these uses, different shapes and sizes are required and this cannot be achieved without metal fabrication. Metal fabrication is the process of creating structures from raw materials through steps like, bending, cutting, and assembling.

Metal fabricator companies that specialise in this process are known as fab shops, Edmo Limited being one of them. Edmo Limited offers fabrication services such as machining, tubing, cutting to length, drilling, milling, die casting, punching, mitring, and turning. Others include vibro deburring and welding.

Rising Demand of Aluminium

All metals can be fabricated to fit the desired size and shape. However, latest industry trends reveal that the demand for aluminium metal has risen considerably in the recent months. The global demand of aluminium is more robust than most expected with auto and real estate industries using aluminium the most.

Aluminium is highly favoured due to a number of reasons. In spite its light weight, aluminium is actually strong, resistant to corrosion, recyclable, impermeable and odourless, an aspect that has compelled companies such as Edmo Ltd to invest in aluminium fabrication so as to meet the rising aluminium demand that currently exists in the market.

Reasons Behind the Growth of Aluminium Fabrication Industry

Aluminium is turning out to be a highly favoured metal, especially within the auto and real estate industries. In fact, aluminium is rapidly becoming a popular alternative to steel and iron in the precision metal fabrication industry based on the number of attractive qualities that it offers to designers and metal workers.

However, one size does not fit all. To companies relying on aluminium metal, fabrication is necessary so as to get metals that fit the desired needs and functions. Organisations that rely on aluminium are increasing at unimaginable speeds. Consequently, these firms need aluminium metals on different shapes and sizes, an aspect that has compelled companies such as Edmo Ltd to invest in aluminium fabrication.

Finding the right fabricator

Even though aluminium has a number of good properties, oftentimes, its properties make the fabrication process a bit difficult. For this reason, it is crucial that the fabrication service is carried out by experienced and reputable professionals such as Edmo Ltd. Experienced professionals are necessary so that they can conduct the entire process in one of the most decent and effective ways.

Before choosing a fabricating company, there are important things to consider such as the tools and technologies employed in the fabrication process, the sources of power along with setup methods, and different ways of feeding the wire. Such areas are highly complicated and getting hands on experienced professionals such as the ones at Edmo Ltd is not an easy task as it may seem. With industry experts such as Edmo Ltd, aluminium fabrication is work easily done.


Business directory Yellow Pages has announced that it will stop publishing print editions from January 2019

Business directory Yellow Pages has announced that it will stop publishing print editions from January 2019. The familiar yellow book used to be the first place people turned to when they needed a plumber, a gardener, a lawyer or any other business, but today most people’s first instinct is to turn to the internet. It’s therefore more important than ever that your business has a website to allow customers to find you.

Thanks to the availability of fast, affordable broadband in most parts of the country, plus the rapid spread of the smartphone, the internet has become the resource of choice for families and businesses alike, but what exactly are the benefits a site can bring to your business?

Finding New Customers

People are using the internet all the time on their computers and tablets when they’re at home and on their phones when they are out and about. Not only do they use the web to search for businesses, but they use it to spread the word via reviews or personal recommendations. If you don’t have an online presence, therefore, you risk no one being able to find you.

It’s worth searching online for other similar businesses in your area to find out what kind of web presence they have. This will give you an idea of what your own site needs to look like but will also help you determine what factors make your business stand out and which you can use to promote your services.

Having a website can also save you time in answering queries. If people can find out what they need to know about your business from the site, they won’t need to phone you to ask questions. This means you can spend more time on running your business.


One of the key reasons why you need a business website from is to ensure that your business gets seen. Think of the site as your shop window: you want it to show off your business to the best advantage, and you want it to be in a prime location where lots of people will see it. If you don’t have a site, it’s the modern equivalent of placing your shop in a back street with no passing traffic.

Of course, a website is much more than just a window. It also provides you with an online sales catalogue. It’s available to your customers 24 hours a day, won’t be lost or mislaid and can easily be kept up to date with changes to product, prices and so on. Updating a website takes a matter of minutes, so you can save on the cost of printing and distributing new sales material when you get new products or run a special promotion. Remember too that a website allows you to do more than a printed brochure. You can demonstrate products in videos or offer hints and tips on how to get the best from them – even basing these on feedback from your customers.

If you’re looking for business in your local area, remember that your site needs to give details of how to find you. If you’re offering services, you also need to list the areas that you cover.

Thanks to the latest content management systems, you can keep your site updated yourself. There’s no need to wait for web developers to make changes for you.

Most people begin looking for businesses online via a search engine such as Google. Making sure your business can be found in search results is crucial. Choosing the right keywords will help drive traffic to your site and ultimately lead to sales. Again, this is an area where you can learn from your competition – do your own searches and see which businesses rank highly in the results.

Value for Money

All businesses need to advertise their services in some way. The advantage of having a website is that once you’ve set it up it’s there for the long term. The initial cost therefore needs to be seen in terms of the savings you’ll make by not having to constantly print new promotional material or pay for new adverts in other media.

Websites are also very flexible. You might start out with just a couple of pages, but once you have an online presence it’s easy to expand it to take in new products or services or as your business expands into new areas. Another point here is that a website is available to the whole world, so if you’re selling directly online, you may well be able to open up new markets you didn’t know existed.


The “How To’s” of Hiring a WordPress Developer

Content management platforms have made designing and creation of websites easy and less time-consuming. Of the various content management platforms available, none is more popular than WordPress. The latter open source content management platform is the simplest of all content management platforms available online. It is for this reason that it is preferred to its competitors. Using the wide variety of off-the-shelf templates available on WordPress it is possible to create a website or blog within minutes without requiring any coding skills.

Nonetheless, websites build using WordPress templates are difficult to customize and personalize if you are looking to create more sophisticated and customizable website, avoid using templates and alternatively hire a WordPress designer.

Finding a competent web designer to design a custom WordPress website is not as easy as it sounds. There are very many factors to be considered before any agreement can be reached with a web designer.

The first factor to consider is the quality of work. Using referrals and online reviews are one of the best ways to evaluate a designer’s quality of work. While some people prefer hiring designers from freelancer websites, filtering through the thousands of designers found on these websites can be difficult. Thus, it is better to work with established firms.

Another important factor to consider is the process of developing a custom WordPress site. Different developers take different approaches when designing a website. The approach taken must match the needs of a client. This is important in ensuring that the end product reflects the desires of a client. It is important to evaluate how capable a developer is at designing and developing custom WordPress websites.

Savvy bloggers and website owners rely on referrals from fellow bloggers in the same niche area. This means some research is needed when searching for a developer to work with. Some WordPress sites will need to be integrated with plugins to make them more efficient. In this regard, it is important to consider a developer’s expertise in the creation and integration of plugins. Some developers will use plugins that are not compatible to expedite the process. Before hiring a developer it is important to go through all the necessary components that will be needed. In some instances, a developer will have to create a plugin from scratch. In the case of integration, it is important to hire a developer that understands how different plugins function. The work of the developer will not only be to design a website but also to offer professional advice.

While hiring an independent developer from a freelancer website will save on cost it might not be the best option. WordPress development firms such as a wealth of knowledge on the different aspects of web design. Also, these companies are able to handle any kind of project regardless of how complex. Therefore, the benefits of hiring such an agency outweigh the cost-saving benefits of hiring an independent designer. Using referrals from friends, relatives and even colleagues it is possible to find a good web development firm.


The Major Benefits Of Opting For Market Research

In today’s time of cut-throat competition, it becomes crucial for a business to indulge in proper market research for the growth and survival in the market. Research aids in understanding whether or not what you have to offer is likely to generate demand. Once you have a clear perspective of who your customers are and what their expectations are, you would smartly be able to better your business’s competitive nature, ensure that your customers remain loyal and reduce risks. All of these make it imperative for the marketer to hire market research companies.

Listed below are a few points which explain the need and importance of indulging in proper market research.

Aids in Contriving Market Strategies

Markets of today’s time aren’t local anymore. The Internet has made businesses global and manufacturers thereby often find it complex to manage their distribution channels and understand the needs of the customers. Tough competition makes things much more worse. The main issue is that segmenting the market in such broad market is a challenging task. Market research in such cases can be extremely beneficial in offering marketing intelligence and thereby formulating and implementing great market strategies.

Helps in Recognizing Opportunities and Issues in the Market

The market research companies perform a thorough research of the market and thereby aid in determining if the product that you have in mind would be well received by the customers or not. New market opportunities for the new and existing products can also be determined. Depending on the data, you can then make necessary changes regarding what you have to offer so as to suit the requirements of the target audience.

Other than that, market research offers data regarding the nature of the competition, market share, levels of customer satisfaction, channels of distribution and the sales performance. This way, your business would be able to fathom a lot many issues and thereby formulate proper results.

Market Research Assists in Minimizing Risks

With proper market research, you would be able to gather all the information that would help you in deciding if or not you should take action on a certain object. For instance, you might have planned to open a shop in a particular place. But, with market research, you find out that that the location already has an established market in your business line. This information would help you in refraining from taking that decision and search for a more apt place.

Helps in Determining Effective Communication Channels

Once you get the market research results, you would have enough data to determine the most effective way to communicate with your potential and current customers. You would now be able to comprehend what your target customers like and don’t like. This way you can tailor what you tell them so that they can take positive actions.

As can be seen, market research is undoubtedly an invaluable tool which towards the beginning might seem slow but is definitely a great investment. In business, it is best to adopt the best measures so as to ensure that you get maximum positive results.


Expanding to new markets and using social media to bring in clients and new team members

Expanding into new markets and choosing the right place to open a new branch can be overwhelming if you don’t know how to identify what to look for. In this post we talk about a few things we look for at Rove Pest Control before we open new locations and a bit on how we use social media to expand our business as well.

We just opened a few new locations in Madison, Boston, and Detroit, and one thing we look for before we select a new market is identifying if a market has underserved needs.

This could come in a variety of forms, such as, a lack of quality service from competitors, specific services that aren’t offered by others, number of competitors in an area, lack of marketing depth, and lack of certain service qualities at a specific price point.

When there are obvious gaps in competitor offerings, we move onto the next step of identifying a market, which is narrowing down the markets that are underserved that we can best serve with our core strengths.

Once a suitable market has been identified, the following step is to research the minutiae of local and state laws and regulations that need to be addressed for the establishment of the business and organization.

The next step is simply plugging in our turn-key operations pieces into the new market and follow up with the step of driving sales in that new market.

In addition to the traditional processes listed above for growing new markets, we also implement strategies through social media to attract new customers and grow new sales teams.

How to use social media as a powerful tool to expand your business

There is definitely a right and a wrong way to use social media to expand your business. Unfortunately, a lot of companies just use social media as a place to pitch their products.

This is not the best way to build your business online and often will turn off more people from your business rather than attracting them to you.

A crucial thing to focus on with your social media should be to lead with value that can help solve your target market’s problems. Using YouTube has been an effective strategy to attract new customers and sales reps for our business.

A combination of informative and motivational videos has worked to achieve that. For example, since we work in Pest Control, we have a variety of videos, with facts about pests, and we provide tips to prevent issues before they happen.

When you lead with value, education and training, it positions your company as an expert in your niche, and when you provide value and solutions to problems your target market has, it will start to attract customers and business to you.

After each video, we then offer some sort of free give-away to bring people into our list and offer them discounts and specials, which leads to new sales of our products.

On the business side of things, we offer videos geared towards technical training aspects and motivation to attract the right kind of sales reps we would like to work with.

The great part about using YouTube and creating content through social media, is that it works for us 24/7 and has a compounding impact as we put out more content.

The combination of identifying correct markets for expansion and using social media as leverage to reach new customers is a great combo to help you grow your business.


Montreal’s Culture Earns Itself It’s Reputation

Montreal SEO Expert, Herman Tumurcuoglu has been working out of Montreal from nearly two decades. Although this city is based in Quebec, a primarily French province, the city has so much diversity and vibrance that Tumurcuoglu could not resist. Additionally, the city has a significant amount of businesses that could have use, use, and continue to need search engine optimization (SEO) and reverse SEO services. Montreal however, has never needed SEO. Through individuals constantly sharing pictures and positive content of the city, the user signals for the city’s activity skyrocketed.

Tumurcuoglu knows that there are many reasons why Montreal has such an incredible reputation. One of them is that the city is Canada’s Culture Capital. Montreal offers a variety of activities in the winter and in the summer that highlight the best parts of the city. Known for their French media, theatre, film printing, and Internet services, there is much more they are known for. Montreal’s cuisine is France inspired and is the epicentre of comfort food in Canada. This has helped Montreal get on the international cuisine map. The best smoked meat, bagels, poutines, and tortières reside in Montreal. One of the biggest SEO and social media trends on the Internet right now is “#foodporn”. This is where individuals post pictures of food they are eating. These pictures are often taken with professional cameras or by smart phones with high resolutions that captures the textures and colours of the food. Being a trend on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Montreal’s food has been highlighted under the hashtag multiple times. Additionally, the city was established on a famous North American river surrounding a mountain. It’s early establishment demonstrates French inspired architecture as many of the stone buildings and churches still stand. Montreal is an incredible city to be associated with from a business perspective and a cultural perspective. Montreal’s online presence and mass SEO movement by Montrealers has earned itself the title of one of the best cities in the world.

The Montreal SEO Expert is aware that Montreal’s reputation is only going to get better as the city celebrates it’s 375th anniversary. For more information about the SEO Expert’s services, contact him today using the link provided above.