Content management platforms have made designing and creation of websites easy and less time-consuming. Of the various content management platforms available, none is more popular than WordPress. The latter open source content management platform is the simplest of all content management platforms available online. It is for this reason that it is preferred to its competitors. Using the wide variety of off-the-shelf templates available on WordPress it is possible to create a website or blog within minutes without requiring any coding skills.

Nonetheless, websites build using WordPress templates are difficult to customize and personalize if you are looking to create more sophisticated and customizable website, avoid using templates and alternatively hire a WordPress designer.

Finding a competent web designer to design a custom WordPress website is not as easy as it sounds. There are very many factors to be considered before any agreement can be reached with a web designer.

The first factor to consider is the quality of work. Using referrals and online reviews are one of the best ways to evaluate a designer’s quality of work. While some people prefer hiring designers from freelancer websites, filtering through the thousands of designers found on these websites can be difficult. Thus, it is better to work with established firms.

Another important factor to consider is the process of developing a custom WordPress site. Different developers take different approaches when designing a website. The approach taken must match the needs of a client. This is important in ensuring that the end product reflects the desires of a client. It is important to evaluate how capable a developer is at designing and developing custom WordPress websites.

Savvy bloggers and website owners rely on referrals from fellow bloggers in the same niche area. This means some research is needed when searching for a developer to work with. Some WordPress sites will need to be integrated with plugins to make them more efficient. In this regard, it is important to consider a developer’s expertise in the creation and integration of plugins. Some developers will use plugins that are not compatible to expedite the process. Before hiring a developer it is important to go through all the necessary components that will be needed. In some instances, a developer will have to create a plugin from scratch. In the case of integration, it is important to hire a developer that understands how different plugins function. The work of the developer will not only be to design a website but also to offer professional advice.

While hiring an independent developer from a freelancer website will save on cost it might not be the best option. WordPress development firms such as a wealth of knowledge on the different aspects of web design. Also, these companies are able to handle any kind of project regardless of how complex. Therefore, the benefits of hiring such an agency outweigh the cost-saving benefits of hiring an independent designer. Using referrals from friends, relatives and even colleagues it is possible to find a good web development firm.