Before sectional garage doors came around, up and over doors were the standard and they are still extremely popular in the UK and much of the world. They are a sleek, minimalistic approach that has been updated to ensure maximum safety, security, and operation as well as the ability to accommodate the latest technologies. When you are shopping for a new up and over garage door for your home or business, you have two primary options: canopy or retractable.

Canopy Garage Doors

If your plan is self-installation, you might want to consider the simple design of the canopy-style garage door. It is the most traditional and recognisable up and over door, whose name comes from a section of the door that hangs out past the side of the home providing a slight canopy-like protection for the inside of the garage.

This style is one of the most popular among metal up and over garage doors in Nottingham and they come in the widest variety of colours and designs to fit all your stylistic needs. If you don’t mind the little bit of extra space required in front of the door for it to open, they are a classic option that will surely complement the rest of your home.

They have been updated to a multi-spring system that provides ultimate protection and eases wear and tear. They have been made compatible with electric garage door operators, sensors, and other technologies that enhance security and safety.

Retractable Doors

The option of a retractable door is becoming increasingly popular. Typically, these doors provide more stability and are common among businesses or homes that require wider or heavier doors. The primary difference here is that retractable up and over doors eliminate the canopy by retracting fully into the garage. The dual-arm system slightly reduces the width but the overhead track allows the door to come inside fully.


Thanks to technology, up and over garage doors are quieter, safer, and more secure than ever. Hand transmitters allow you to remotely control your garage door from safely inside your vehicle. With the push of a button, you can either open or close your garage door and some hand transmitters are even capable of notifying you of its position.

The long-held position of up and over style garage doors makes them an excellent decision and since they are only made up of one panel, they can make full use of different colours and designs. They are available in a number of different materials but metal doors are sleek, secure, and strong enough to withstand some of the harshest weather. They would have no problem being a fantastic addition to your home or business.