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Washington, D.C. – May 9, 2018 – Joseph Hanna, CEO of Cyber Protection, announced the launch of the company’s Indiegogo campaign to fund the Web development and implementation of a new system for cyber defense designed specifically for small business cybersecurity.

“We’re a cyber security firm dedicated to helping small businesses learn digital self-defense in an uncertain world,” said Hanna.

Many businesses are lax with their security in the mistaken belief that since they don’t work with confidential, sensitive or personally identifiable information (PII) they’re not at risk. The danger doesn’t always lie in what hackers take. Sometimes it’s what they prevent business owners from accessing, as in the case or ransomware.

Cyber Protection has over 20,000 security settings for more than 300 platforms that address issues from strong and effective passwords to automatic logouts when devices are left unattended. The agency provides businesses of 50 people or less with a customized system security plan (SSP) via a settings guide that can be implemented for cyber defense. Each SSP is tailored to the individual business based on best practices and standards by the federal government.

The company will evaluate a number of areas to determine the type of security settings that best match the individual business. Cyber Protection looks at elements that include the type of data to be protected and the potential legal liability should the data be stolen, changed, altered or erased, along with the impact certain cyber threats could cause.

For those businesses keen on understanding more about cybersecurity insights and alternative solutions, the site is an invaluable resource to delve deeper into the subject.

Few business owners have the time or specialized knowledge to secure their digital network. Cyber Protection’s guide is easy for small business owners to implement, even if they have basic computer and networking skills. The company keeps track of those settings and sends immediate alerts to clients should a new cybersecurity risk arise, along with recommendations to reduce or mitigate the threat.

Cyber Protection offers an alternative for small business cybersecurity that doesn’t require extensive knowledge in networking and security systems or purchasing multiple software programs. The Indiegogo campaign launched by Cyber Protection will fund the Web development, implementation on a secure platform, independent audit, and penetration test to ensure the highest level of security possible. Cyber Protection is a single resource that caters to the needs of small businesses and the specific protections they need.

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