Redevelopment of Melbourne’s

At the current rate of infrastructure development within the borders of Victoria, especially in the city of Melbourne, Melbourne is on its way to being transformed into a city that will have the potential to attract more tourists than any other Australian city. Among the major projects that are currently ongoing, one project which is gaining a lot of attention not just domestically, but internationally is the redevelopment of the Melbourne Arts Precinct. The project has been established as the largest cultural infrastructure project in Australia that is being undertaken by Melbourne Arts Precinct Corporation (MAP Co) on behalf of the State Government.

The MAP Co has undertaken the project thorough a series of partnerships with other agencies which includes the Arts Centre Melbourne, Creative Victoria and the National Gallery of Victoria. It is being expected that the $1.7 billion infrastructure project will not just give Melbourne creative precinct a facelift an attract visitors; the project will also create a ton of jobs and stimulate the local construction industry that depend on such major projects to keep things going for the construction industry. This is especially true for construction supply companies that provide heavy machinery such as cranes, skid steers and excavators for hire in Melbourne, as most of these projects currently involve earth moving, landscaping and excavation tasks.

For example, the redevelopment of the Melbourne Arts Precinct project will feature an 18KM urban garden that boasts a bio-diverse flora concept, rest areas and public art that will require the use of heavy machines such as excavators, dumpers, dozers around the clock. Most of these excavators are typically taken on hire which is expected to keep the construction equipment rental component of the construction industry busy for a significant period of time. Apart from the construction industry, the entire Melbourne tourism industry is expected to receive a boost as the new precinct will also consist of areas where outdoor art and performances may be held apart from new restaurants and bar spaces which will breathe new life into the F & B and entertainment scene in the region.

Such projects are not only just about boosting economic activity in area, as from a cultural perspective it is also critical towards Australia’s First Nation Peoples as the project incorporates ideas from the traditional owners of the land (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung of the Kulin Nation). The precinct will be a form of tribute to the first people of Australia as there will be dedicated spaces that will promote their culture and share their stories revolving around the natural connections between people and the Land Down Under. From a general point of view, such projects are deemed as ‘positive projects’ from all view points, economic, social and cultural.

According to players from the tourism industry, this project will certainly attract more international domestic tourism into Melbourne soon after the project’s completion. Given the fact that there are a significant number of such grand projects underway and more in the pipeline, it’s only a matter of time before Melbourne becomes a top international tourist destination within the next decade.