As a business owner, one of the most important things to focus on is to manage your business’ finances. A well-managed account book can help you secure funding or business loans and identify a proper financial strategy for growth. However, as a small business owner, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the many tasks you need to handle on your own. And your lack of preparation and skill in this aspect can increase your professional anxieties.

It is important to stay organized in all parts of your business, especially in the way you handle your company’s finances. You must be able to deal with the challenges brought about by finance-related issues. This is often possible when you hire a San Antonio CPA. The following are the common accounting challenges business startups face that can be prevented when there is a CPA on board.

Tax Planning

When it comes to paying taxes, there is no one-size-fits-all formula to go by. You can start up by identifying your business structure. For example, if you own a sole proprietorship pays its taxes according to a different scheme than limited liability corporations or LLCs. A CPA is a tax expert who can help you navigate the tax and financial planning complications of having a startup.

Accounts Separation

Small businesses can mix personal and business bank accounts during the initial operating stages. But, this can put you in trouble with the IRS and leave you missing out on tax deductions. When your business kicks off, you should look for a way to separate accounts for each area of your finances.

Funding Difficulty

Each startup owner knows that funding is important for scaling up and become a major market player. If you are looking to take your business to investors for funding, you must hire the services of a CPA. A CPA can maintain your business’ accounts professionally and in compliance with accounting standards. If you have a robust account book in place, you can easily convince investors to fund your business.

Handling Invoices

For most startups, handling incoming invoices is one of the toughest challenges during the early days of the company. Often, your clients will not pay all at once but will pay you in separate credit payments. While this means you have the money, you must wait a bit longer to collect. Moreover, it can be daunting to deal with these account receivables accordingly. Fortunately, a CPA can handle your invoices.

Government Legislation Compliance

Usually, the most dreaded thing for owners of new businesses is complying with the latest government legislation. As a business owner, you must avoid trouble with government agencies. This is possible by hiring the services of a CPA. This accounting expert will make sure your books of accounts are maintained in adherence to the rules and regulations of the government. Also, they make sure your taxes are filed on time to avoid issues with the IRS. By having a CPA on your team, you don’t have to worry about fees and penalties from authorities.