Build a Company Profile

If you’re looking to grow your company’s outreach and visibility online, then creating company profiles on popular social networking sites such as LinkedIn is an essential step to take. LinkedIn is arguably the number one site for professional networking. In fact, over 774 million accounts have been registered on the site, with an estimated 50 million of them being company pages.

In this article we’ll tell you exactly how you can get started on LinkedIn by creating a profile for your business. In Just three simple steps, you will have a complete-looking profile for your company on LinkedIn.

If you aren’t sure what an example of a good company profile looks like, then we recommend checking out this company profile here.

Step 1: Creating an account

The first step is to create an account with LinkedIn for yourself if you don’t have one already. LinkedIn won’t let you create a company profile without linking it to your personal LinkedIn first. After you’ve done that, you can navigate to the “Create a Company Page” button on the LinkedIn homescreen, and then you will be directed to a page with prompts to fill out.

We recommend filling out as many of the prompts as possible, as the more information you are willing to provide about your company, the more professional and complete your page will look. A company profile page with a lot of empty slots and missing information will seem like it is not a very well-managed business, and may result in you losing out on many potential contacts.

Check out this article on LinkedIn on why you should make your page as complete as possible.

Step 2: Profile picture and background

Nailing your profile picture and background is a must for company profiles. If your profile picture, for example, is not centered correctly, people viewing your page will see it as a sign your business does not pay attention to details and does a sloppy job. By having a background and profile picture that look like they fit in, you will appear professional and can attract customers and contacts with your company page.

For your profile picture, we recommend using your business logo, as that will help people easily associate the profile with your brand. Keep in mind that the size of the picture must be 300 by 300 pixels, so make sure you get the correct image size before uploading it to LinkedIn.

As for your background banner, the size is 1584 by 396 pixels. If you aren’t sure on what to use for a background, we recommend going with a simplistic design that has some of the main colors from your company logo to create a themed page.

If you want to create a background specifically for your LinkedIn page, we recommend using this banner maker by brandcrowd here.

Step 3:

The final step is to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and to regularly post on it. If you just make your profile and then never touch it again, it is about as effective as not making a profile to begin with. We recommend creating a schedule to consistently post by, and that way your company profile should steadily grow, increasing the amount of contacts you get and business for your company!

We hope you found this article helpful, and that you now know how to create a LinkedIn company profile.