If you use mobile access towers, completing a PASMA training course can give you an understanding of the latest best practices. You can stay safe and improve your skills, along with several other important advantages.

Towers for Users Course Increases Your Safety

The primary reasons to complete the PASMA Towers for Users training course is to ensure that you remain safe while dismantling, assembling, or inspecting a mobile access tower. Some of the topics covered in this course include:

  • The basics of PASMA and mobile access towers
  • Avoiding hazards when using a mobile tower
  • Understanding the British and European standards
  • Legal overview of the Work at Height Regulations 2005
  • Tower stability and practical training
  • Guidance on tower inspection and maintenance

Stevenage training services can help you learn best practices for using mobile access towers (MATs). With courses available seven days a week, you can easily fit one of these courses into your regular schedule.

Learn the Latest Methods for Using Mobile Towers

These training courses cover a wide range of topics related to assembling and dismantling mobile access towers. This includes the 3T (through the trapdoor) method for assembling towers. The 3T method limits the risk of falling while assembling the tower, as you are working on the floor above you through the trapdoor.

Mobile access towers are often safer than ladders. You get a stable platform from which you can safely carry out your work. If you want to learn the best techniques for using an MAT, consider taking a PASMA-approved training course.