When it comes to installing a flexible hose, time is the most important factor to consider. A flexible hose is especially efficient in terms of suiting an array of industrial applications.

Proflex Hose supply a wide range of flexible hoses that can be adapted to suit your industrial needs and requirements. If you’re looking to save time, you should consider the following:


A metal flexible hose is much more flexible than many other forms of tubing. It has the ability to transfer liquids and gases. As their name says, a flexible hose has the ability to flex, adapting to the application it’s required for. Choosing a flexible hose will enable you to connect fittings easily, reducing the installation time.


Make sure you install the right size flexible hose to ensure that your project is completed efficiently. Having the right measurements to hand will make the installation more convenient, requiring less downtime.


Installing a flexible hose needs to be thoroughly thought through, ensuring that it is right for the job in hand.To maximise the quality of the flexible hose, it needs to be handled with care, preventing any damage during installation.

The stainless steel flexible hose is designed to be hardwearing- offering resistance to chemicals and corrosion, hence why it’s important you make sure it’s ideal for your application. Proflex Hose supplies various flexible hoses, including the PTFE Convoluted hose which offers excellent levels of flexibility.


Did you know that you can absorb movements and vibrations using a flexible hose from Proflex Hose? A flexible hose has been created to offer suitability for various applications, tackling unwanted movement is just one of them!

The installation of a flexible hose will allow your industrial business to operate smoothly, performing efficiently and reliably, even under extreme conditions.


A stainless steel flexible hose is designed tooffer resistance to chemicals and to have the ability to withstand pressures, therefore, they won’t damage as easily as other flexible hoses, like Proflex Hose’s PTFE Smoothbore.

The metal flexible hose provided by Proflex Hose will require less maintenance and servicing, saving you time and money!


If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution, Proflex Hose can help. They have a wide range of stock available, offering suitability for an array of needs and requirements. The flexible hose will allow your industrial company to save time spent on labouring because it can easily be adapted to the application you want to use it for. In addition to this, the cost of installation will be reduced and the life cycle of the hose will be extended!

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