After finding yourself in a serious legal conundrum, it can be difficult to decide whether or not you need the help of a solicitor. However, you nearly always benefit from hiring such a legal representative unless your case is one of very few that is straightforward and simple. In fact, very few cases are straightforward, so it is imperative that you call for legal aid the moment you suspect you might find yourself caught in a legal battle, especially if children and custody rights are involved.

Divorce and Child Custody

Too often, divorce and child custody become an intertwined battle, but it is possible to have one without the other. Solicitors in West Yorkshire are available to help you with either situation and will fight for your rights for a fair settlement. Even if you signed a contract prior to the marriage with divorce stipulations, it is possible to fight these in certain circumstances, making it critical that you call for legal help right away.


Adoption is an involved and complex process, and even a simple mistake could cause the entire case to be delayed or even damaged. When fighting for your right to bring a new child into your life, a legal representative can make it easier and faster for you to make that happen. Adoption is a noble pursuit, and you deserve the chance to bring new happiness into your home, which a qualified professional could help you achieve.


It could be that you wish to write a will. A solicitor can help you to not only write the will, but also put it through probate to ensure it is valid and binding. There are many DIY will templates online, but this often cannot handle the complexities of a large estate, and certainly cannot help you avoid mistakes that might invalidate your will. The only way to ensure your will is valid and wishes carried out is to ask a solicitor for help.