What is an ideal workplace? To some, it should be a place where employees can grow, develop, and receive opportunities for the advancement of their professional and personal careers. To others, an ideal workplace should have a working environment that makes all personnel feel good in working days and provides them the drive to carry on the whole working day. For New Orleans business owners, it is one of their biggest responsibilities to provide and maintain a safe, clean, and very organized workplace for the benefit of their staff and personnel.

Maintaining a clean workplace is a difficult thing to do as issues may arise on any given day. One of the issues that may arise is the unfortunate presence of pests in the workplace. Cockroaches, mice, and flies are some examples of pests, and their presence does not suggest a healthy and ideal workplace. They can affect the health of your employees along with their working performance. To sort out this problem, business owners need help in the prevention and control of pests in the workplace. Companies that provide pest control in New Orleans offer the following tips in dealing with these unwanted visitors in the workplace:

  • Cleanliness is a must at your workplace. A clean and tidy workspace will not only benefit your working efficiency but also prevent unwanted pests from invading your working area. As much as possible, avoid putting and bringing your foods to your workstation as it may attract cockroaches and flies. Most companies provide pantries for their employees to eat their foods. If you eat at your workstation, throw the leftovers to the nearest garbage bin and clean your workspace thoroughly after eating.
  • Spilled foods should be cleaned immediately. Cleaning spilled foods should be done right away and thoroughly. Even the smallest leftover can be a meal to any unwanted pests.
  • Keep garbage bins and trash cans empty. Doing this on a regular basis will benefit all office workers in maintaining a clean and pest-free office. Though it is not an easy task, emptying garbage bins and trash cans should be a priority as leaving it overnight might pose a bigger problem. Set a schedule for all employees so that everyone can contribute to the cleanliness of the workplace.
  • Install insect- and pest-repelling devices to possible access points. This is a highly innovative way of performing pest control in New Orleans. Some of these electronic devices will not only control and kill those unwanted visitors, they can also help clean the bad smell caused by pests.
  • Immediately inform the maintenance department when seeing any pest activity. Never delay or ignore any pest problem that you see in your workplace. Ignoring it might cause the pests to build a big territory that will be difficult to control in the long run.


Avoiding and removing pest infestation in the workplace is never easy to do as it also comes with different issues. The tips above will be a big help in dealing with these unwanted visitors in our office. If it is already difficult to handle, contact the nearest pest control company in your area and ask for help.