When it comes to making your office more modern and up to date, a movable wall is guaranteed to enhance the appearance of your working environment. Not only will movable walls allow you to reorganise your office, but they will instantly boost the productivity of your employees- hence why you need to get the layout right!

Changing your office layout doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a team of builders to remove or build a wall. Hiring builders to carry out such work can work out expensive and disruptive, however, AEG Partitions offer the concertina walls, a more convenient solution for utilising space effectively.

One of the main advantages of the movable wall is that it’ not permanent, meaning there’s no need for drastic building work. AEG Partitions have a complete selection of products available for you to choose from, meeting and exceeding client’s criteria, when possible.

Why Movable Walls?

Making your office modern just got so much easier! The movable walls offer innumerable benefits, can you afford to miss out?

A movable wall provides a modern look and feel, no matter where it’s installed. With these walls, you have the opportunity to relocate them as much as you like, ensuring that you create a desirable environment for your employees to work. Offering ultimate flexibility, you’re sure to make your office more innovative and sustainable, why not check out AEG Partitions Teachwall 100 today?

Movable Walls Vs. Traditional Walls.

Although both function similarly, there are countless differences between movable and traditional walls. The configuration of the Teachwall 100 is a benefit on its own, providing a more streamlined feel within any office space.

Traditional walls, however, these tend to be more time consuming to install and have been known to cost significantly more. The upfront cost for the Teachwall 100 is seemingly high but they work out cost-effective in the long-run, providing you with an up to date office layout.


Accommodating changes in behaviour and ensuring that you find the right approach for situations, the acoustic movable walls are a requirement for any working environment.

In choosing the adaptable acoustic walls, you needn’t worry about achieving success and profitability, AEG Partitions provide you with the potential to change your office for the better.

The Teachwall 800 is no ordinary concertina wall; it incorporates acoustic properties that cushion excess volumes to make sure that your office is comfortable for staff to work to the best of their ability. Any of the acoustic movable walls from AEG Partitions provide sound insulation from 37 Decibels to 58 Decibels, so you can rest assured that they have a perfect solution for your business!

Department Division.

If you’re not entirely convinced that AEG Partitions can help you to transform your office, picture this:

An office that has staff members spread out all across the office is not only going to make your office look unprofessional but will prevent your employees communicating effectively. The acoustic movable walls will allow you to divide your room up and separate departments, without causing too much disruption.

The addition of these concertina walls will deliver cohesive operations, ensuring that colleagues can bounce ideas off one another, without distracting other members of staff within the office.

Meeting Rooms.

Sliding walls can also keep things in order. If you’re looking to designate a section of your office for meetings and conferences, what better way to do so than to invest in sliding walls from AEG Partitions?

For meetings and interviews, the acoustic movable walls are multi-functional. They offer a sound curtain to prevent the spread of any unwanted volumes and minimise what can be seen from the outside.

The Teachwall 200 is just one of the sliding walls available at AEG Partitions, offering a flexible approach for any office space. A movable wall allows you to alter your space to make sure that it works effectively; you have the choice to keep it drawn across (closed) or you can slide it open for when your meeting room isn’t required, essentially maximising the space you have.

You’ll find that these sliding walls are easy to operate, using ball bearing tracks to slide open and closed. Their rigid and robust design makes them so effective; they also incorporate safety features, making them stable and safe to install.

Why AEG Partitions?

The team at AEG Partitions take a careful, innovative approach towards all projects; making sure that you find only the most suitable products for updating your office. They provide all customers with a comprehensive service, taking care of the manufacture, installation and maintenance of your concertina walls.

Do you need to know more about the concertina walls available at AEG Partitions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them today, they will be more than willing to help you to find exactly what you need to modernise your office layout; simply call them on 0800 111 4978 or email them at [email protected]!