What do you notice when you walk into a hotel room? Is it the flooring or the pattern of the carpeting? Do you focus on the drapes, the paintings, or the wall? You may notice some of these amenities after you have a chance to settle into your hotel room.

However, your first impression will be directed to the linens on the bed. If they look comfy and luxurious, then you will be well-satisfied. After all, you don’t want to settle for anything but elegance and softness when you are travelling.

What Is Your Level of Service?

That is why a linen service is good for a hotel business. The idea is to make sure that the guest is fully satisfied with the softness and cleanliness of the bedding material. In addition, you want to make sure that the towels exhibit a fresh, clean smell and that they look pristine. By presenting your linens in this manner, you are also speaking volumes about your level of service.

Why You Need a Hotel Linen Service

Whilst managing the linen service is just one of the facets of a hotel manager’s job, it is also an important aspect of this type of management position. Needless to say, if your linens are rumpled or stained, those kinds of appearances will reflect poorly on your hotel. If you want to avoid this from happening, then you need to make sure that you have a hotel linen service in place.

An Inviting Place to Stay

After all, the image that you portray is instrumental to your hotel’s success. Even one aggravated customer can trigger unfavourable comments on social media sites. So, if you want your hotel to stand out from the crowd, it must convey a message that it is an inviting and hygienic place. A frayed towel or grey sheets can easily ruin a hotel’s brand and image.

Why Outsourcing Is Better

Premium bedding that is featured on hotel beds requires care from experts. If your hotel takes care of this task itself, the machines, employees, and workload can become quite involved. Plus, you must enforce measures to ensure against damage. However, if you hire a linen service company, you can avert the problems that can develop when you have to maintain the linens yourself.

Save on Utilities

Not only is linen care expensive in house but it can also increase what you pay in the way of utilities. So, if you want to ensure that your linens are efficiently cleaned each week and look welcome and inviting, make sure that you contract with a reliable linen service company.

Linens Should Always Be Regularly Maintained

If linens are not properly maintained, they can easily fade, become frayed, and exhibit permanent stains. Those are the kinds of results that should never take place in a quality hotel property. However, hiring a hotel linen service is not just about cleanliness; you also have to think about your bottom line. Whilst you naturally want the end result to be synonymous with clean, you also want that result to increase your profit-making potential.

A Healthy Night’s Sleep

That means you do not want to be noted for your poor service. This can happen when you do not take advantage of the benefits offered by linen service companies. One of these benefits enables you to offer your guests a healthy night’s sleep.

Offer Your Guests More Than Just Clean Linens

So, if you work with a linen service company such as Johnsons Stalbridge, you can emphasise the benefits associated with staying in a hotel with quality linens. One of these benefits is better sleep. If a hotel showcases fresh and soft bedding, it also offers a guest a more relaxing place in which to stay. This type of relaxation leads to better sleep.

Take Off Some Weight

As a society, we frequently bypass the benefits of sleep. However, sleep is important to mental and physical health in addition to the quality of people’s lives. If you are deprived of sleep, then you will suffer in other areas. One of these areas is weight gain. It has been found that people who have trouble sleeping have more problems with their diet than people who make sleep a priority.

The Message You Are Conveying

So, when you feature premium linens on your hotel beds, you are also offering guests better sleep, better health, and more success. By making sure that your hotel guests have clean sheets and comforters, you are also saying that staying at your hotel results in better health, an improved outlook on life, and workplace achievements.

As a result, when you hire a linen service for switching out your bed linens and towels, you are making a commitment to your customer that says that you are both customer-focused and service-oriented.

Types of Bath Towels and Cloths

This type of devotion also includes featuring the best in bath towels. In order to work competently with a linen service company, you should be familiar with the various towels and their general sizes. For example, you might say that a bath towel is the essential bath linen. This towel is used for the shower and at the spa and pool. Some of the towels are oversized and are referred to as bath sheets.

Smaller Towels

The hand towel is located near the sink. This towel is also used at fitness centres, the spa, or hair salons in a hotel. Washcloths, which are small squares of cloth, are used primarily for washing the face, body, feet, or hands. If the towel is rectangular, it is frequently referred to as a fingertip towel.

Do Your Bedding and Towels Reflect Your Level of Service?

Both the bed linens and towels make vital impressions in your hotel establishment. Therefore, you must make certain that both reflect your level of service. When you can work with an established linen company, you will gain favour with your guests and cut costs in such areas as employee training, equipment use, and utility consumption. Channel your money where it can best be used by working with a partner in linen services.