Criminal background check application form with glasses and ballpoint pen.

Obtaining a background check on a person is a method of finding out any data that may not be readily or easily available, and someone or a business may choose to conduct them for a number of various reasons. They are normally carried out through a third party service and are supposed to provide a total picture of someone’s character based on all past actions and records.

These types of checks will disclose information about somebody’s professional, financial, criminal, and public past, and can also consist of other things such as speeding tickets to any time spent in prison to bankruptcy to employment history. In actual fact, quite a lot can be accessed on someone, whether they like it or not and may be very useful to ensure that the character has a solid standing and background.

Employment Applications and Employer Awareness

If someone goes to apply for a job, there is quite a good possibility that his or her potential employer will indeed use DBS checking (Disclosure and Barring Service) so as to search look into his or her professional and criminal background. If the applicant has had a number of various jobs within say the last tax year or two, that same employer just might be slightly concerned if he or she is the best candidate for the job.

In addition, the background check will also reveal any criminal record or misdemeanours that the applicant may have had in the past. A lot of employers are naturally cautious of hiring anyone with any type of a criminal record, and they normally ask about any arrests or convictions. It is of vital importance for any applicant to be up front and honest about this as the company is more than likely to find out about his or her record anyway. Somebody who is applying for work with children, has by law to have an enhanced DBS check, so as to prove that the applicant has never been convicted of committing any kind of crimes against a minor.

Useful for Landlords and Dating Sites

A number of landlords also do a DBS check before letting potential tenants to move into their flats and houses. If a tenant with a criminal record makes any problems with nearby neighbours (who may even be the landlord’s tenants also), the landlord may have a serious problem to solve. And then there are some people who wish to conduct background checks for personal matters, such as dating safety sites, where women are encouraged to conduct one at the beginning of a relationship, or even prior to a first date.

And while some people feel that all of this comes more from paranoia than practicality, others will state that it is better to know exactly who you’re dealing with. There are professional companies available that offer such assistance to the general public, and their price services can vary.

Ensure that you employ one that is not only experienced, but also reliable with a good reputation.