Businesswoman Addressing Meeting Around Boardroom Table

If you are a business owner, imagine a phone system that was much cheaper than the traditional network that we all know, and not only that, it will dramatically reduce your communication costs at the same time. Actually, you wouldn’t be dreaming if you had this idea, as Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP as it is known, offers this, plus a whole lot more.

The Digital Highway

The Internet is a gateway that offers us a wealth of benefits. Our websites sit on this platform, and for resource hunting and information, the World Wide Web has revolutionised our society. This means big changes, and business communication is one way to move ahead with the VoIP phone system, which allows you to make unlimited calls worldwide to either landline or mobile numbers.

PBX Switchboard

Many busy companies require such a system, as it directs calls, and with recorded messages, your customers will surely be impressed and your business communication will be smooth and effective. The system can be configured to suit any business, from a small, one man show to a multi-national corporation, and you can closely monitor every aspect of your business communication. Using a browser based portal, you can monitor all call activities, and your password protected interface can be accessed from any location, giving you complete control with mobility too!

Choose your Own Numbers

The beauty of VoIP is you can select any number worldwide, or your existing number can be ported into the system, which allows your communication to run uninterrupted. If, for example, you wanted a particular local area code in the UK, the VoIP provider can arrange this, and with 0800 numbers available, there is no limit to what you can do.

Call Duration and Cost

With your VoIP interface, you can monitor call durations and cost, which is a great tool to help you streamline your communications costs and become a more efficient business. VoIP enables crystal clear voice communication worldwide, and it is can be configured to suit your unique business communication needs. It is only possible to save money if you can monitor everything, and if employees are making long calls that are not business related, you will instantly be aware.

Call Recordings

The VoIP system allows you to record all calls, which can be instantly replayed at your convenience, and this can be very handy if ever there are disputes, as you have evidence of the conversation. In fact, there is little that the system cannot do, in terms of controlling and monitoring all your business communication, and not only that, you will make savings, and that is welcome for any company, big or small.

To be in control and able to monitor and configure the system really puts you in charge, and the flexibility means the system can be perfectly tailored to your needs, and you won’t be paying for something you never use. VoIP makes perfect sense for every organisation, and if you have never considered this, perhaps it is time to make the switch.