If you want to repurpose an item, you may want to choose refurbished containers when shipping items from your business address. By taking this stance, you can show your commitment to sustainability. It will help you to cut costs as well. Shipping containers are used in a number of industries, including agriculture, education, and manufacturing.

Whether you choose used or new container, you can find containers that come in an array of sizes. You can purchase them or lease them as well as modify them for your specific purposes. You can also obtain refrigerated containers to assist you in catering to businesses that feature foods or wines.

Therefore, shipping containers for sale in Bendigo come in various configurations and styles. Containers known as reefers are the containers that are refrigerated and therefore are valued highly by companies. In fact, they are considered a major asset worldwide as they keep food products from spoiling. They are used in the domestic marketplace as well.

Versatile Containers

As you might guess, reefers, or refrigerated units, are versatile containers. Therefore, they are used in one of a number of useful ways.

How Refrigerated Units Are Used

You can use the containers or units as follows:

  • The containers often provide the needed freezer space for seafood and meat at regional and local markets.
  • Reefers provide additional cool-room storage for food manufacturers.
  • Storage that is cooled is also used for vegetables and fruits in the food bowls in Victoria.
  • The cooled storage containers make refrigerated transport much easier.
  • Refrigerated containers are rented for use at music festivals and community events for food and drinks.

Cooling Needs During Major Holidays

As you might imagine, reefers are exceptionally helpful when major holiday events take place during Easter or Christmas. During these times of year, the containers are featured in major supermarkets and are used by food manufacturers and distributors for cooling excess goods. During events in Melbourne as well, you will frequently see reefers sitting at the back of drink or food stalls almost every day of the week.

Container Sizes and Features

You can choose reefers that are sized 10, 20, or 40 feet. The containers can be bought or leased – new or used. Most of the containers feature a 3-Phase 32 amp power supply. However, units are also available in a single-phase power supply. These cooling units are available in 10 or 20 foot sizes. All the units are serviced and tested before they are dispatched. Breakdowns are covered as well 24/7. A service schedule can be included when a unit is purchased or rented.

Refrigerated units may be customised with features such as butcher doors, alarms, shelving, and lighting. If you have cold storage needs, it is good to know you can obtain units that can also be serviced as needed as well.