The process of litho printing has existed for several centuries while it has become especially popular even in the context of the emergence of digital forms of printing over the last few decades. The main reasons for the popularity of litho printing are that it gives a fantastic balance between the individual unity cost and a high quality end product. Indeed, the process of lithography has been in existence for over two centuries, while the process involves printing a particularly high quality image on a smooth surface, which can range from cloth to paper or even onto metal. Therefore, litho printing provides several benefits compared to other techniques including screen printing. Indeed, if you are looking to develop any number of unique or specific colours to be used in the litho printing process, you should consider searching online for the companies in your area which specialise in the production of bespoke paints and ink.

Simple technique

One of the main benefits of litho printing is that it works under a very basic scientific principle, which is that the water and oil do not mix. The process uses an image created from ink which can be transferred from a particular plate onto a sheet of rubber which is then transferred onto paper or other specific types of material. Therefore, a high quality image is not directly printed on the paper, but is offset by the other surfaces which come into contact with the various materials that can be printed upon.

High-quality imaging

Another main benefit of using litho printing is that it can save you a significant cost compared with other printing methods, especially given the high quality nature of the end result. Furthermore, if you want to print a large volume of items, then this particular method of printing can give you significant cost savings while this particular printing method has been prominent in the newspaper, magazine and textbook industry for decades. If you are looking for advice about litho printing, inks or paints then you should search online for Centre Colours today.


Furthermore, litho printing is the best method to print a high quality image onto a specific surface, especially given that a variety of different materials can be used, including paper, metal or fabric. In addition, if you want to run a larger print run, then you can save yourself a considerable amount of money as the unit cost for this particular printing technique will be much lower than several of the alternative methods.

Guaranteed consistency

Finally, you should consider using litho printing for your various printing needs, especially given the consistently high quality of the end product. Indeed, given the flexibility of this particular printing technique as well as the ability to print on two sides of each surface or material, you can run large print volumes to create significantly better value for money.

Therefore, in conclusion if you are looking to find out which type of printing is right for your needs, you should consider searching online for a company of litho printing specialists in your area today.