Security plays a vital role in everyone’s life. It is a source of peace and satisfaction for an individual. Today, with an increase in the rate of dangerousness around, it is necessary for everyone to have safety measures in order to avoid destructive outcomes. Technology has emerged rapidly in a decade, this increment has bought many factors of vulnerability among the easiness we got. In order to avoid such unknown harms, many technologies are invented that reduces the effect.

This safety and security concern started on an individual basis but now has progressed to a national level. Many countries are taking it way too seriously and connecting themselves with wholesale security equipment safety technologies in order to have enough equipment installed for the betterment of the security system.

Following are some of the technologies that are contributing towards this apprehension and companies are actively using these technologies for a better and secure environment.

  1.    Octopus

It is a technology that is used at workplaces, enabling organization to manage their security measures easily and effectively. It is a complex software that is connected to a mobile application. It was invented by Israel and is considered to be one of the efficient ways of securing any office.  It is a most significant advantage that it has an interface that connects all the alarms connected in an organization.

  1.    Drainware

Espionage or spying is one of the main concerns of companies nowadays. It is impossible to trust the ones that are working in your organization. Drainware is used to avoid this problem. This technology has software that provides you a track record of your company computers in order to protect organizations sensitive information about an employee, company designs or bank details etc.

  1.    Bluebox

Many companies use applications for making their day to day business effective. But as access to such applications increases, there is also a factor of security breaching arises and employees’ personal information turn to be on stage. To avoid security issues in the application, Bluebox is used.

As the security factor on an individual basis hasn’t reduced. So there are some technologies that are in use for a safe and secure environment.

  1.    Rudder

If you are walking alone at night and the environment doesn’t seem to be secure than rudder will help you reach your home safely and at the earliest. It is an application that has a mapping mechanism in order to provide you complete information with the least possible route to your destination with considering the security elements on that specific route.

  1.    Companion

It is an application that helps you make companions during your way to home. It allows you to add your friends, family or even policeman in the traction of your route from the starting point till the destination you reach. It also provides a way to inform the tracker once you reach your destination, otherwise, in case of emergency you can call the tracker in between.

These technologies don’t promise to solve your safety concerns completely but it may reduce your stress to a greater extent.