Knowing about the different ways to look up at the model number for your GE appliances is certainly crucial not just to better understand your appliance but also to make it easier for you to purchase the spare parts in case the product breaks down. There are several different means that can help you identify your GE appliances’ numbers and they are quite simple to follow.

First and foremost, you can locate the model number on the appliance itself. It appears on several parts of the appliance depending on what you are looking for. Usually, if you are searching for a model number on GE appliances, you can find it inside or at the bottom of your refrigerator. If you are searching for it on the washing machine, you can generally find it on the top, under the lid or on the left side near the bottom of your washer. Meanwhile, the model number of your GE microwave should be at the back, at the bottom or near the frame around the door. These are just a few vital examples of where you can look up for the model numbers on different GE appliances.

Secondly, you can try looking up for the model number in your appliance’s user guide booklet. It is imperative not to throw the book away. More often than not, valuable details can be quite easily accessible in the user’s manual than in any other place. You will understand how beneficial it is when your appliance breaks down soon after a decade of loyal service. If this happens, it is usual for electrical appliances stores not to have the same model available anymore. Generally, the GE appliance number is stated on the front page of the booklet.

The best thing about purchasing from a reputable brand such as GE is that they have a very comprehensive site designed for their customers. Therefore, if you are unable to find the model number on your GE appliances on the booklet or even on the appliance itself, you can always search it through the website. Simply click on the ‘products’ and particular choose which appliance you are looking for. Then, you can narrow down your search by click on the type of appliance you own.

Last but not the least, if nothing shows up, you can request for assistance by bringing your GE appliance to an electrical shop nearby or even request a skilled technician to visit you at home.