Today, flexibility is something which is being seen as a quickly growing trend in more and more office spaces. The old style traditional office used to be a rigid and stuffy type of place to work in, and often would ever change at all, year in and year out staying exactly the same.

  • Back in those days, the requirements of an office were planned in advance with a permanent design which would remain the same for decades.

Luckily enough, that is all in the past now, as much smarter ideas are giving way to the needs of ever-changing work surroundings.

Goodbye Cubicle

Cubicles are also rapidly disappearing into history’s dustbin and along with the work bench is being discarded for non-assigned seating.

  • These multipurpose spaces can be put to use for everything from multimedia displays to casual breakout areas.

You will also see more oval-shaped office desks, which allow for a more advantageous area for 4-6 people to meet, as well as a change in height adjustable tables for standing meetings.

Assigned Lounge Areas

Right now there is also a growing trend toward creating areas which are the complete opposite of rigid workstations. Lighter, more powerful, wireless technology has reassembled the workspace more than anyone could have dreamed of only a couple of decades ago.

  • To work nowadays in such an environment provides a new level of comfortability and positive collaboration.

There are now many types of office design from Andrews Office Furniture which have become extremely popular with management and staff in the UK.

Office Colour and Its Effects

In many studies it has already been proven that colours in the correct area actually aids in improving workers moods. Also, and more important to any employer, it actually increased productivity and creative thought.

  • This applies not only to things such as wall colouring, but to a wide spectrum of accessories around the office. The ambience of an office is greatly boosted when the right colours are used in the right places.

Wireless Equals Less Wires

We all know the term wireless and most people have seen electronic device wires disappear in our own homes, be it due to Wi-Fi or concealment.

In the newer open space offices, unconcealed wires are becoming a rarity. Manufacturers have fast come to realise that the old cluttered and tangled with wires office space is both unsightly and dangerous.

Communal Types of Tables

The communal table in the office has now become a favoured piece of furniture in modern offices. Employees are seeking out much more interaction at work and in other public arenas.

  • The table also caters for employee relationships and helps to encourage a higher sense of belonging and helps remove any need for conference room exclusivity.

Today’s table arises as a relevant feature of an evolving workplace that now displays more of the characteristics of a human habitat –  meaning more relaxed, more user friendly and cooperative.