Our day-to-day activities seem to be so hectic, leaving with us with no time for ourselves. This is often due to our ignorance of knowledge of the time we spend in each activity. Only if we could keep track of the time we spend working, time management just cannot then get any better. We tend to spend a lot of time sitting glued to machines, with no track of time, where we are bound to get lost. Chrometa, a time tracking software developed by Chrometa LLC helps to track the time spent on work that is done on the computer. This software could be a boon to professionals.

Often professionals, say for instance, attorneys are forced to attend to several clients and handling of cases on a daily basis. Having to deal with every client and phone calls may take away most of their time, unless they are aware of the time spent every day on each client/calls. This could now be done easily using Chrometa – the time tracking software. Once installed on the pc that you are working on, each activity begins getting tracked, with every detail of logging in and out being recorded.

Wide availability on multiple devices

The time tracking device helps you track your time spent on your pc, answering emails, typing documents etc, but what about those instant e-mails that you reply to, immediately using your mobile or tablet? Any work that is labeled ‘urgent’ will definitely take our mind and time away; so who is going to help us stay within limits? What is more comforting here is that, Chrometa is available even on PlayStore, as an app that can be downloaded in not more than a few seconds.

Unique features

Of course, this can be compared to a stopwatch which is available on every device, but what makes Chrometa time tracker unique is that, while a stopwatch needs to be clicked twice in order to start and stop, Chrometa has the feature of automated function, where time tracking will begin once you open a browser or screen and stop when you close it. Also, in case you need to move away from your computer to attend a call or meeting, the time tracking device keeps track of your away time, which will help you know the duration of that call or meeting. This is one of the most useful software for professionals who usually struggle to juggle between several activities in a single day. Duration of every call is recorded, with details of the time, date and the recipient of the call.

Not only do attorneys find this useful, but this software can also be installed in every company, in order to track the activities of their employees. The employer can calculate the hours worked by every employee with the help of this tracking device. Also, this is one smart way of analyzing the efficiency of a person in the accomplishment of any particular task. One can easily find out those activities that take most of their time away and this can be a tool of analysis to help them improve themselves in terms of their working speed. Devices like these are very helpful to several professionals and their installation procedures are extremely simple, saving your time.