Social media commerce refers to a type of commerce that is done online and through social media platforms. Make no mistake, this concept has been done before but not as extensively at How SoComm works is the same as any affiliate marketing, the only difference is that your doing it through your social media and you’re not technically selling. Your just leading potential buyers to the site to increase traffic and get rewarded if one of them will buy.

It’s not advisable that such a business model be your primary means of income, but it can be a good secondary since it’s easy and has a high potential for earnings. Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are actually more reasons to do social commerce and if you’re still in doubt, below are a few reasons why.

It has a proven product: Social commerce is not a specific brand of product, but a company that houses various types of common consumer products. One of the reasons why they are successful with social commerce is because what they are selling are the normal consumables that people buy normally in department stores and various shops. The only difference is that they offer rewards to buyers and people that are sharing it. Pretty cool right? So selling it or sharing it rather isn’t that hard to swallow.

Selling isn’t heavy: One of the reasons why you should definitely try social commerce is because selling isn’t hardcore. If you hate selling but you want to make some extra income, social commerce will do you just fine. Why is it not Hard selling, well… how complicated is sharing something that hard anyway? You can even do that in your sleep and when some people are clicking your shared post and buying through those links that you shared, you get rewarded and that’s just for one person. If you got a ton of friends and they all buy from the link you posted, you do the math (good day!).

People are skilled with social media: One of the main reasons why you should definitely try out social commerce is because you know social media. It’s like you live through social media. So how about instead of wasting your time, might as well do something that can potentially give you some profit right?

There are many reasons why you should definitely try social commerce and mostly because social commerce takes things that you need and things that you do in one place. It gives you rewards when buying products and gives you that chance to make a profit from it more, through social media marketing. It doesn’t need training and its not hard selling.