To say that we are living in the midst of a digital revolution would certainly be something of an understatement. So much ink and online space has been spilled and filled covering the myriad of ways in which the move from paper and pen to online and digitised solutions is revolutionising the way that companies do business that it seems little worth it at first to rehash the point here.

That said, far too many companies still waste both precious time and office space by storing their files in large, cumbersome, unaesthetic filing cabinets. It’s antiquated, it’s obtrusive, and it’s frankly inefficient. Join the digital workplace revolution today with a quality document management system customised to meet all your corporate needs!

Document Storage via Cloud

Why bother waste time and space with a bothersome paper filing system? With new cloud technology, you’re able to upload files from a variety of different programmes directly into an online storage unit. Not only does this save space but it likewise saves the worry of what happens if your computers’ hard drives should crash and get wiped clean.

Secure Document Storage

It is here that cloud storage truly shines. Not only do these systems save your files online in such a way as to ensure that they are readily accessible from any computer or device but they are likewise kept safe via top-notch security systems. These are ever-changing to evolve with the changing shape of online threats and work to ensure the long-term security of your files in a way that might otherwise be more difficult with other hardware-based methods.

Document Scanning

So maybe you’re starting to be won over to the side of the cloud but are still faced with a significant problem: what are you going to do with all your existing paper files? While you can keep these as hard copies if you like, there are a variety of different ways in which the best document management clouds and services work to provide scanning options so as to allow companies to scan and upload copies of these paper files. Between a paper hard copy and a digitised online copy that is readily available, could your files be any safer or more accessible?

Picture and Large Format Storage

All of that sounds well and good, you may think, but there’s still the little matter of all those charts, graphs, and pictures that make up some of your more complex files. Thankfully, the latest document management services can handle these as well, allowing you to scan and upload pictures and other large format storage files and thus ensuring that no matter what your file may be, it can be uploaded, protected, and made easily accessible on the go.

Experience on Your Side

When it comes to something as important as your company’s files and future, you don’t want a mere amateur service handling things. That’s why the best clouds and digital document storage services are handled by experienced teams who are up to date on the latest in the ever-changing world of online storage and security.

Do business a better, more digital-savvy way with the help of a great new document digitisation and storage system today!