Most of the people at one point in time have seen a complete or partial humanoid figure displayed at boutiques or various retail stores selling different outfits. These, in general, are mannequins and forms of dress. And when it comes to purchasing, new store owners or not, confusions are bound to arise. One of the prominent reasons for such complexities is the consideration of both being the same. Well, it isn’t!

Know the distinction

When comparing a dress form with a mannequin, it generally is an amalgamated figure which serves as an ideal substitute for a human model. It comes in various figure types for men, women and children. It is apt for checking hem lines and fittings as it gives a human body’s vital statistics.

Moving forward, here are the factors that professionals consider when buying any type of dress form.

4 aspects professionals recon before settling on apt dress forms

  1. Material

Dress form material is an important characteristic that differentiates it from the regular mannequin. Unlike the tough, plastic body of a mannequin, good quality clothing forms are made up of softer fabrics that can hold needles and pins. Being of a plush quality, it serves the purpose of customizing a dress as per requirement.

  1. Shape

Commonly, a dress form comes only with a torso. This gives freedom to the store owner to put any dress with ease without struggling and giving more time to adjust it in areas of head, legs or arms.

  1. Type

The clothing form comes in many variations.

  • Adjustable dress form

Considering the niche market of present times, there indeed has been a rise in fashionable cloth wears. These are great to be used in stores that deals with female wear or maternity wear. In most cases, these display forms are lightweight and have an adjustable height pole. In fact, compared to other cloth forms, these offer more realistic proportions.

  • Professional dress form

When considered from the point of view of other standardized display forms, they are an excellent choice for hemming purposes. These come in different sizes, having precise proportions and are opted by experts because of their durability.

  • Dress form for exhibition

This is no doubt one of the cheapest options to exposit any dress type. These types of dress displaying forms are easily pinnable and are mostly used for draping and fitting dresses, trousers, gowns and other clothing materials having a flare.

  1. Price

Believe it or not, planned budget for buying a dress form is one of the important factors that experts do consider. If you are looking for an adjustable female dress form, the starting range for it may be somewhere around $100. The same for men with contemporary style base can be between $80 and $150 if purchased from a quality website.

There are certain authentic online stores from where you can buy any number of quality dress form at affordable prices. If you consider all these factors before you buy dress forms for your store, no doubt, it will add a professional touch to your work place.