The web has become the most powerful, accurate, and convenient tool to use for billions of people around the world. As a result of this, the internet has advanced tremendously in terms of security, general use, and visual design these past years. Website visitors are browsing the net 10 times a day on average. When browsing the net, the average website visitors will land upon different websites. A website’s design holds a big position of influence on visitor activity when landing on-page.

 3 Layout Design Perspective Picks: Multi-Page, One-Page, Split-View

As referred above, the internet has become a very popular and trusted source. The only thing that a website visitor does on the net when browsing is land on different web pages. Thus, a website visitor can only judge a site in terms of performance and visual design. This is one of the primary reasons why a websites web design is very important. As the internet advances, so does the shape of a web design. This change occurs to satisfy the average web user.  Read more below and discover the 3 different perspectives of a web design layout provided by

First Perspective #1-Multi Page. The multi-page web design is certainly the veteran of web design layouts. The multi-page web design was used since the beginning of web design when websites were only built in HTML. This layout gives a medium sized screen height and jumps from link to link in a horizontal format.

Top 3 Discoveries of the Multi-Page Design.

Discovery 1- SEO. The multi-page web design is known for its ability to optimize each page separately for search engine optimization. When optimizing each page, search engines will rank the defined keywords in the meta tag placements of each page. Proper SEO leads to higher website visibility and guaranteed trust by search engines.

Discovery 2- Multi-Links. Just as it is defined by its name, the multi-page web design has the ability to produce multi-links. For every page on a multi-page web design, a new link is created. This new link will be indexed on google and it can be shared on popular social media websites.

Discovery 3- Customization. In terms of design, the multi-page web design has provided the possibility for unlimited customization. If desired, each page on a multi-page web design has the ability to be customized in a different way. This gives a designer no limitations when it comes to creative design.

Second Perspective #2- One Page. The one-page web design has presented a different perspective in web design! The one-page web design has presented a vertical shaped layout. This design navigates within its own page and makes it easy for the website visitor to find everything they need in one place!

Top 3 Discoveries of the One Page Design

Discovery 1-Mobile Friendly. The one-page web design is indeed a mobile friendly design.  Mobile device users want a website that is convenient in terms of design and performance. Being that the one-page web design is only 1 page, there is only a one-time loading wait for a website visitor. In a multi-page design, a mobile device visitor would need to wait for every new link to load per menu item clicked. The one-page web design is very efficient in terms of speed for this group mobile device users.

Discovery 2-Scrolling Effect. Known for its long scrolling feature, the one-page design is also known for its long scrolling effects that are created with javascript, jQuery, or CSS. The parallax effect is a popular scrolling effect for the one-page web design’s long scrolling.

Discovery 3-Interactive Javascript Animations. With a large room for design, the one-page web design has the ability to make the average website even more user engaging by creating UI motion animations on the website page. These UI animations result to a longer visitor on-page stay time and lead to positive effects in search engines.

Third Perspective #3- Split View.  The split view layout is known for its ability to split the screen into 2 parts. The left part displays information and the right side displays other important information. This type of design is preferred by the average visitor because it is very bold and straightforward.

Top 3 Discoveries of the Split View Design.

Discovery 1- Color Contrast.  The split view design needs to have a color contrast or color difference in order to be easily noticed to be a split screen design.  Vibrant color choices are the top toners for a split view design.

Discovery 2-Simplistic Meaning. The split view design has less content on the page, but a very direct meaning. Less is more with the split screen design.

Discovery 3-Direct Contact. The contact information is usually listed right on the landing page right below a picture or a H1 tag. This eye-level contact placement makes it easy for the web visitor to easily find the direct content of a website without browsing too many pages.

In the above paragraphs, we have shown the 3 different perspectives of web design layout. These 3 different design layouts all have proven to have different benefits and unique features. These are the 3 most popular and used designs in today’s time! Read the content above and select your layout based on your specific design needs!